Top 4 Best School Chairs for Students

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Discover the top best school chairs for students below! At School Outlet, we dedicate ourselves to providing classroom furniture for academic settings and homeschools. Explore our wide selection of chairs in order to find the right kind for your students and classroom.

Virco 9010 Preschool Chair 10″ Seat Height

Virco is the best selling school chair brand in America, their school chair series is notably seen widespread in schools across the United States due to their durable and superior quality. This model is specifically designed for children in daycare or preschool, specifically for ages 2-4.

These student chairs are available in a variety of colors so that you can liven your learning spaces with vibrant colors and make learning fun.

High School Chairs

Virco 9018 School Chair 18″

Virco chairs are a classic in the realm of academia, almost every classroom is equipped with Virco School Chairs due to their high-quality materials and durability. Stock up on school chairs in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming school year. Virco chairs are easy to stack and store away when no longer needed, and easily accessible for when you have visitors coming into the classroom.

Virco N2 Series Ergonomic School Chair XL Seat 19″ Seat Height

This ergonomic chair with a 19 seat height is ideal for students in high school or college due to its larger seat and height. Equip your students with comfortable seating options like this Virco N2 series chair. The cut out at the top of the chair creates a handle so that students and teachers can easily move the chair around as they best see fit. This makes it particularly simple for storing as well.

Virco 9618 9000 Series Sled-Based Chair with Steel Back Support 18″ Seat Height (Virco 9618)

This chair is ideal for classrooms with carpets due to its sled based structure. This sled based chair is easy to move around and stack for storage. Our wide variety of color options allow you to mix and match and invite some vibrancy to your learning spaces, select the color that best suits your schools colors or course.

Comfortable Classroom Chairs

At School Outlet, our mission is for students of all ages to be able to have a fruitful education, thats why we are dedicated to distributing classroom furniture of all kinds to equip your school and study spaces with the tools for success.

We provide folding tables, desks, music tables, and more within our selection of products. If you have any questions or comments dont hesitate to reach out. We want to hear from you, contact us and our friendly customer service representatives will assist you.