Top 5 Reading Center Furniture for School Libraries

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Are you searching for affordable and functional new furniture for your schools library this year? School Outlet has a wide selection of reading center furniture to help you display all of the amazing books your school library has to offer! Your kids will not have to dig through piles and piles of booking any longer looking for a needle in a haystack - you can now store and display the books in a neat and organized way. Its a win, win!

Popular Reading Center Furniture from School Outlet

Here are some of our most popular reading center furniture for your school library:

ECR4Kids Book Display Storage Unit: This storage unit is ideal for storing books for your younger readers. This unit is double sided and features two 12 deep shelves on one side and a 5 vertical shelf book display on the other. This means that you can store books of many shapes and sizes for your children to enjoy. Product Dimensions: 36"L x 19"W x 30"H.

ECR4Kids Two-Sided Book Display: Another popular option for a shelf and display unit for younger children in a school library is this two sided book display. This piece of furniture will help you stay organized and neat and keep kids favorite books at their fingertips. This shelf has 5 shelves and can accomodate books of all sizes. Product Dimensions: 30"H x 19"D x 36"W.

ECR4Kids One-Sided Book Display: If you would to display books against the walls in your library space, this one sided book display is perfect for you. This is a great way to maximize the space in your library for fun, engaging activities. This book display has 5 easy to reach shelves, perfect for even the smallest hands. This display works well in a classroom or library setting. Product Dimensions: 30"H x 15"D x 36"W.

ECR4Kids Children's Comfort Furniture Four-Piece Chair, Double-Seat & Table Set: As important as it is to display and store the books you have in your school library, it is also critical that your students have a comfortable place to sit and read those books! This chair and table set has two single chairs, one double seat and a round table made of fine hardwood that are comfortable, attractive and easy to clean (cushions are removable).

ECR4Kids Book Stand with Write-N-Wipe Markerboard: This is a great way to keep kids in your classroom or library engaged. This book stand has 5 vertical, book display shelves on one side, and a "write-n-wipe" board & storage cubbie on the other side. The whiteboard is ideal for teaching a short lesson during storytime or letting the kids in your class draw their favorite book character. Assembled Dimensions: 32.75"H x 27"W x 15.5"D.

Extensive Selection Of High Quality And Affordable Reading Center Furniture

All of these great products are durable and affordable and will make a great addition to your school library or classroom. Providing the best possible customer service is one of the most important goals of School Outlet. Were available to answer questions about the products that we offer and help you choose just the right furniture to meet your needs. Call us today at 877-398-6449 for more information about our reading center furniture selection.