Top Chair Desk Options for High School Classrooms

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The chair school desk is a popular seat of choice in high schools across America. Chair desks are convenient, comfortable, durable and inexpensive. They create a personal space for each student but do not take up a lot of room. School Outlet is the proud supplier of a wide selection of high-quality chair desks and we are confident that you will find exactly what your classroom needs after you learn what we have to offer. Therefore, we've put together a list of the top four chair desk options for high school classrooms.

1. Top-Selling Chair Desks in America

Virco is the maker of the most popular chair desks in the United States. All of Vircos chair desks are high-quality products constructed using tubular steel and heavy-duty plastic. School Outlets selection of chair school desks includes the following designs by Virco:

The Virco 9700BR School Chair Desk
The Virco 3700BR School Chair Desk
N2 Series Chair Desks
2700 Tablet Arm Chair Desk
Sage Tablet Arm Chair Desk

Although each chair desk option listed above is unique in its own way, every chair is 18 inches in height, which is the ideal chair height for students above the fifth grade.

The Virco 9700BR School Chair Desk is the best selling educational chair series in America. It is designed to be durable and comfortable, which makes it the perfect chair for high schools today.

The Virco 3700BR Tablet Arm Chair Desk has a scratch resistant desktop meaning it can resist wear and tear from marker stains, scratches and vandalism.

The N2 Series of chair desks has a number of customization options for customers. For example, they are available in a variety of colors, including: blueberry, cobalt blue, navy, forest green, green apple, purple iris, wine, squash, red, chocolate, graphite and black. Purchasers can choose between a laminate or hard plastic top. The hard plastic top resists scratches and marring, as well as marker stains.

With Vircos 2000 Series, School Outlet supplies extra large chair desks. Customers can choose from a variety of desktop styles, including: fusion maple, medium oak, grey nebula and walnut. This desk also comes in a wide selection of colors.

2. Premium Steel Folding Chair Desks

Folding chairs are the perfect inexpensive accessories to any classroom. They are easy to store and simple to move. We supply two folding chair desk options:

National Public Seating 5200 Series Steel Folding Chair with Tablet Arm
Virco 165 Premium Steel Folding Chair with Retractable Tablet Arm Desk

3. Chair Desks for the Left-Handed

School Outlet knows how important it is for every student to be accommodated for. Thats why we sell desks specially made for left-handed people. We supply two Virco chair desks suitable for lefties, which include:

The Zuma Tablet Arm Chair Desk is retractable, comes in a variety of colors
IQ Tablet Arm Chair Desk17 inches in height, comes in a variety of colors

4. Upholstered Chair Desks

Last, but certainly not least, School Outlet supplies the fancy version of chair desks: upholstered ones. We sell the Virtuoso Tablet Arm Chair Desk, which is made out of the same high-quality materials as all of Vircos chair desks; however it is designed to be easily stacked and is available in upholstered options, including: Pacifica Sapphire, Pacifica Graphite and Pacificia Wineberry.

Check out our website to see all of our chair desk options in more detail. If you have questions and would like to contact us, give us a call at 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.