Top Folding Tables for Education

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Dont tell us your age. Because whatever it is, we already know that youve seen folding tables used in a variety of settings since you were a child. Folding tables are useful accessories that can be used wherever wheneverthats why theyre perfect for any school setting. Weve seen folding tables being used in preschool facilities for 3 and 4 year olds, as well as in college classrooms. Folding tables are versatile, durable and easy to store. Thats why we love them and you should too.

School Outlet is a company that supplies high quality and reliable school furniture. We focus our attention on providing outstanding customer service and make our best effort to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need for their classrooms. We supply a number of folding tables to meet the wide selection of needs that our customers may have for them.

Quality Brands Making Folding Tables

We feature popular brands of school furniture Virco Manufacturing and National Public Seating (NPS). Both of these brands are known for making high quality furniture and selling products at a competitive price.

We offer a number of folding tables manufactured by Virco and NPS. There are many options in size, thickness, and style of table. For example, we offer Vircos 6000 series folding table that comes in 30 x 72 or 36 x 72. We supply a number of different shapes in folding tables, including: circular and rectangle. You can order different sizes in all, and there are a few styles to choose from as well. There are specialty tables for training and seminar uses, in which case the tables are longer and not as wide as standard folding tables.

The folding tables we supply come in brands that are not Virco or NPS, as well. No matter what the brand, School Outlet ensures customers that what they receive from us will be of the highest quality and last a long time.

Convenient and Tough

Theres a reason folding tables are used so frequently. They fold up easily, are transportable and can be stored. Moreover, they are heavy duty and can withstand a lot. You can easily cover them with tablecloths to add some decoration or let them get messy from classroom crafts.

Folding tables are great for meetings, cafeterias and extra seating when its needed. They can be a permanent part of the classroom or any room in your school, or they can be off to the side ready to be used when needed.

School Outlet has the Folding Table You Need

With top of the line products from leading brands in the school furniture industry, School Outlet has everything that your classroom and school need to make the learning environment comfortable and efficient for students and staff. Take a look at our website to view all of our folding table options, along with everything else we have to offer.

If you have questions for us, do not hesitate to give us a call at 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form today!