Top Luxor Tablet and Laptop Charging Cart Solutions for Schools

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Its not the 90s or the early 00s anymore. Students continue to rejoice when movies are played during class time, but it is no longer a necessity to wheel in a big chunky TV and VHS player in order to do so.

Today, many classrooms are equipped with projectors that are connected to the instructors computer and are capable of displaying the computers screen onto a white board or screen. Moreover, many schools provide individual laptops and tablets for their students to use during class.

Although computer labs still exist and are frequently used, laptops and tablets are transportable and more convenient for students. When laptops and tablets are used in schools, there must be a way to move and charge the devices in an easy way. Moreover, security is always a concern. Laptops and tablets should be in a location where people who shouldnt have access to them cannot take them easily.

School Outlet Supplies High Quality Charging and A/V Carts

School Outlet is a top supplier of school furniture and supplies in the United States. Customers who visit our virtual school furniture store are bound to find all of the school furniture solutions they are searching for.

Our company sells the most popular and necessary school furniture pieces. We are a proud supplier of Virco Manufacturing and National Public Seating merchandise.

School Outlets inventory includes a variety of Luxor products suitable for charging laptops and tablets, or carting around and powering TVS and computers.

Luxor 12 Tablet and Chromebook Charging Cart

School Outlet is happy to provide Luxor products because they are durable, secure, and have a sleek appearance. The Luxor 12 Tablet and Chromebook Charging Cart is capable of charging 12 tablets or laptops at one time. The cart has 1 front and 1 rear access door, and both can be locked to secure the devices inside.

The Luxor 12 is constructed completely from steel and electricity is included. So upon delivery, 12 laptops or tablets can be charged via the Luxor 12 Charging Cart.

The cart comes with 4 heavy-duty casters that allow it to be moved around easily and quickly. The Luxor 12 provides durability, security, and comes in an appealing black color option.

School Outlets A/V Carts

For schools in need of carts capable of plugging in to a wall outlet and transporting TVs or computers, School Outlet also supplies A/V carts. We offer a range of A/V cart options, including Luxors Tuffy 34 Utility A/V Cart with Cabinet, Adjustable Height Large Steel A/V Cart, and Steel Adjustable Height Workstation.

Whatever specific needs your classroom or school has, School Outlet has a solution for you. If you are in need of a simple cart that can move a TV and VHS or DVD player, and plug in to a nearby wall outlet, the Tuffy 34 would be a great option. If you are a teacher in need of a transportable workstation for your computer, the Adjustable Height Workstation is probably an ideal choice for youplus, it comes with a designated space for your keyboard.

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Students and teachers are continuously moving and engaged in learning and communication. Thats why School Outlet adheres to every schools needs by supplying a wide selection of charging and A/V carts. Contact us with any questions by calling or filling out our online contact form.