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A college classroom is a magical place to be. The number of curious minds that occupy the space within college classrooms across the United States at any given time is astonishing. College students are hungry for learning and are in the university setting in order to improve the chances of their success in the future. Yet, there are many ways in which a college classroom can be arranged and how it is set up can impact learning and preparation.

Everyone knows about the classic college lecture hall or science laboratory, but what about a room filled with tables and chairs? It can be anything! There are endless possibilities.

School Outlet specializes in school furniture and has a multitude of desk and chair options for your classroom. If youre looking to make your college classroom an environment in which students can easily engage with one another, we can help make that happen. Or if you want the classroom to be the perfect space for presentations and lecture-type learning, we can accommodate that as well. Read on to learn more about our

Lets explore some of the details of furniture pieces that have fostered learning, participation, and positivity in every classroom where they have been used.

College Classroom Seating

Depending on the type of college, seating arrangements and school desks may vary, due to different classroom lecture styles, teachers or even based on the size of the room. If you are looking for classroom furniture for a dynamic college setting we recommend looking into the following writing desks and classroom chairs:

Virco Double Student Desk

This desk is perfect for group work. You can arrange multiple desks with the same dimensions side by side and place them so that they face each other. Liberal Arts colleges prefer this type of seating arrangement because it creates an ideal space for group discussions in which students and teachers engage in academic conversations to enrich their knowledge of the subject as opposed to having a classroom with desks in rows where the teacher gives a lecture and students must stay quiet and take notes.

This desk has space to fit two school chairs and has two cubbies attached so students can store their textbooks, notebooks, or writing utensils.

Virco Zuma Series 2 Student Desk

This Zuma series desk can fit two chairs and two college students. The rectangular shape makes it easy to arrange multiple of them to create a larger table, this way students can face each other, teach each other and converse about the classroom material to further strengthen their knowledge and communication skills.

You can easily separate them and arrange them in rows for test-taking and exams. Compatible with the Virco ZU418 Chair and the Virco N918 Classroom Chair.

College Student Computer Desks For Dorms

Virco 765MBBM Desk Junior Executive Series Give your college students the surface space they need to work productively with this junior executive desk. College students need enough space to be able to work from their computers, have the textbook reading open and a notebook for taking notes. A lot of tools and materials are involved in order to turn in stellar essays & assignments.

Virco 765MBB Jr. Executive Desk This desk has enough storage space for students to put their books, textbooks, and computer equipment. Dorms usually dont have enough closet space or shelves so a desk with a bookshelf is really valuable. This Jr. Executive desk is 5/8" thick 20" D x 34"W meaning it will easily fit in a dorm room.

Best Desks For College Students

Virco ZCOBRM Zuma 4 Leg Combo

College classroom furniture is very similar to the desks used in highschool but arranged differently. Optimize classroom space with this combo desk with a chair attached. You can create a U shape by arranging multiple combo desks side by side. This seating arrangement works great for students to work individually and also allows group discussions and collaborative learning to take place.

Place a couple in the front of the room just in case more students decide to add your class to their schedule and you need to accommodate them.

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