Wheelchair Accessible Tables For Schools and Offices

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AmTab Wheelchair Accessible Tables
Access and timely travel are the major concerns of students who use wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers, braces, or other mobility aids. These students must learn the routes across campuses that do not present barriers (stairs, curbs, narrow walkways, heavy doors, and balky elevators). Since a ten-minute break between classes barely is sufficient for able-bodied students, you cannot expect students with mobility limitations to be able to move from building to building so quickly. Most mobility-impaired students try to consider travel time in planning class schedules but they are not always able to avoid tight schedules. Therefore, when they have classes in sequence, they frequently may be a few minutes late or, on occasion, may need to leave early. Institutions nowadays should keep students who have mobility or dexterity limitations in mind when designing infrastructure. School Outlet provides the necessary furniture for your classrooms and your students.

Here are some wheelchair accessible tables for schools and offices.

The Horseshoe

AmTab's feeder activiy tables are used every day throughout the world in multi-purpose environments. Our high-quality state-of-the-art tables are safe, durable, easy to operate and a great long-term value. You wont find a better way to show disabled kids that they are welcomed and valued

Half Moon Cooperative Learning Activity Table

Half Moon Cooperative Learning Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top

Vircos fantastic activity tables are utility classroom activity tables that encourage group and interactive learning. Versatility is a good advantage with these adjustable height activity tables. They can be used in classrooms, workrooms, training rooms or even as an economical replacement for computer tables.

Kidney Activity Table

Virco Kidney Activity Tables

Ideal for the Early Childhood classroom, the vibrant Primary Collection line of Virco's 4000 Series activity tables will deliver every time. It offers two attractive laminate colored tops and seven fun colored edge bandings. Match to other colored chairs to create a bright, vibrant classroom environment, at the same time incorporating disable students into class activities.

The Virco Computer Table

Virco Computer Table- 8700 series

Ideal for office spaces, and wheelchair accessible, the adaptable 8700 Series computer tables with cantilevered, adjustable-height steel legs and high-pressure laminate work surfaces can be outfitted with the options that best suit your applications.

Think Of Your Students

Regardless of your situation, our classroom tables cater to your student's specific needs. Our activity tables for kids and toddlers are made from a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, and plastic. Aside from activity tables for kids and toddlers, we offer a variety of student desks, designed to fit both your students and your budget. Ergonomics is important in the classroom, which is why we offer only top-quality brands to keep you and your students comfortable during long school days. We also offer shapes to fit your every need, including rectangles, circles, and more. Be sure to check out our selection of classroom chairs to go with your activity tables. If you are unsure of which activity tables to buy, then please call us toll free at (855) 672-3858 where our friendly staff can help you find activity tables that suits your budget and needs.