When Should You Replace Your Classrooms Dry Erase Board?

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Although there are new and smarter tools emerging every day for classroom use and learning, such as Smart Boards, dry erase boards are still the most common accessories in American classrooms. Dry erase boards are clearly a step up from chalkboardsgoodbye messy chalk and chalk clouds! But dry erase boards have yet to be perfected.

There are a number of ways dry erase boards can be ruined and must be replaced. Sometimes, theyre not ruined at allfor example, it can be an easy fix to remove what you think are permanent ink stains (or at least easier, and cheaper, than replacing the entire board). Dry erase boards can also usually be restored with dry erase sheeting or paint.

Here is how you know its time to replace your dry erase board:

If Marker Stains Just Wont Go Away

If youve ever encountered a brand new dry erase board, then you might be familiar with the satisfying feeling of being the first of many to write upon a fresh board. On the other hand, you might also be aware of how quickly new dry erase boards gather dry erase marker dust and begin to stain.

When a dry erase board has marker stains and a felt eraser or cloth just isnt cutting it, then we recommend trying a few alternative cleaning remedies before submitting to the purchase of a new board. For example, instead of using water or Windex, try mixing rubbing alcohol with water. A common trick to remove unwanted marks on dry erase boardsespecially with permanent markeris to write over the marks with a dry erase marker before trying to erase again.

If The Board is Damaged Beyond Repair by Harsh Cleaners

Dry erase boards are made with protective coating that prevents particular inks from penetrating the coatings and coming into contact with the boards underneath. Overtime, protective coating will naturally wear and tear; however, coatings can be wrecked prematurely if cleaned incorrectly or with chemicals that are too harsh.

The proper way to clean a dry erase board is to use water or a regular glass cleaner, such as Windex. Harsh cleaners, such as magic erasers and bleach, are not recommended for use on dry erase boards.

Replace Your Dry Erase Board with School Outlet

Before you purchase a replacement for your damaged dry erase board, make sure that the board truly needs to be replaced. Once you know that there is no way to make stubborn marks disappear or your board is too far damaged for restoration, then allow School Outlet to fulfill your replacement needs.

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