Which Kind of School Cafeteria Table Should You Buy? (Bench, Stool, Convertible)

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Gone are the days of stacking chairs and pushing them up against the wall in school lunchroomsnot to mention the risk students face day in and day out of falling of their chairs at lunchtime. School Outlet offers a wide selection of school cafeteria tables, including bench, stool, and convertible tables. The tables we supply are designed and manufactured by well-known school furniture brands Virco, National Public Seating (NPS), and American Tables (AmTab).

Bench Style Seating Cafeteria Tables

School Outlet offers customers an assortment of classic bench style cafeteria table options. For example, Vircos Bench Style Mobile Cafeteria Table is a flexible and versatile table option that maximizes seating capacity and floor space in cafeterias nationwide. This table option is available in a variety of table dimensions and heights, and seat heights.

Our selection also includes class bench style tables made by NPS. Virco and NPS bench style cafeteria tables are sturdy, foldable, transportable, and easy to store.

In addition to the classic bench style cafeteria tables, School Outlet offers round bench cafeteria tables made by American Tables. This table option folds in and out easily and takes up less space then traditional bench style tables. Round tables are a nice alternative to long tables and generally take up less space. Customers who purchase round bench style cafeteria tables can choose from a variety of top, frame, and edging color options. These tables are available in various table heights, as well.

Stool Style Seating Cafeteria Tables

Many people assume that bench style cafeteria tables allow for more seating capacity than stool style seating; however, this isnt always true. The amount of people that can sit at stool style cafeteria tables is equal to the number of stools there are at the table. This reduces the likelihood of students having to squeeze in, which can easily happen with bench cafeteria tables.

School Outlet supplies stool style cafeteria tables made by Virco and NPS. Vircos stool style cafeteria tables are designed for students in grades 5 and up because the stools on the tables are 17-inches high. There are 12 stools on these tables. NPS stool style cafeteria tables are similar. Both table options feature high impact stools and are foldable for easy storage. The tables come with heavy-duty casters so they can roll smoothly, but the wheels do not reach the floor when the tables are folded down and in use.

AmTab Round Mobile Stool Cafeteria Tables are also a great option. These tables feature 8 stools and are the best option for keeping school cafeteria uncluttered by tables and loose chairs.

Convertible Bench Tables

If youre over individual chairs seated around large rectangle or round tables, then bench style and stool style cafeteria tables are awesome alternatives and can save space and hassle; however, theyre not your only options.

Convertible bench tables are a seating option that many people may not know exist. These tables are essentially half of a bench cafeteria table. The tabletop can be used for writing or dining purposes. 2 convertible bench tables can be attached in order to create a table that is like a classic bench style cafeteria table. Convertible bench tables are extremely versatile and can be used as benches as well.

Order Cafeteria Tables From School Outlet

Whichever table you think is right for your schools cafeteria, you can find a multitude of bench, stool, and convertible cafeteria table styles on School Outlets virtual school furniture store. Contact School Outlet with any questions or comments you have by calling 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.