Wholesale Combo Desks for Schools

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The type of desk a student regularly sits on has a significant effect on their learning process. It should be comfortable and practical enough to minimize disruptions in the classroom, while offering enough support.

Combo desks are among the most popular desks used in a number of grade levels, including adult education classrooms. They are quite similar to chair desks, but differ in desk positioning and the size of the top part of the desk. Both types are comprised of a connected chair and desk.

Highly Versatile Form

Combo desks are easy to use for both individual learning and teamwork. They can be moved into place easily, without having to move around separate pieces. This also saves time when cleaning a classroom or just moving the desks for any reason.

Theyre also considerably lightweight, making it easy to transfer one from one location to another. Seeing as how these desks are available in several colors, they can match the ambience of virtually any classroom.

Most models perfectly match with contemporary classrooms. At School Outlet, youll find a variety of combo desks from several brands. Each desk has a unique design and finish to suit the preferences of every customer. You can choose from several desk top hues and laminations, as well.

Full Support and Healthy Movement

The chairs offer enough support for all types of silhouettes, so students can comfily sit while just focusing on their education. Steel frames generally support the chairs to assure a sturdy build. Models are available for left-handed students, too, in order to ascertain comfort is uncompromised.

School Outlet carries combo desks of the highest quality in the industry. Our Zuma, N2 and Sage lines of combo desks offer a flexible back that supports healthy movement in the classroom for additional comfort, along with improved circulation and blood flow to the brain.

Our combo desks are made of premium quality materials that ensure durability, too. Each original chair is built with a malleable design that can adjust to a students seating position, whether theyre leaning back or sitting up straight.

Some of our combo desks come with steel-rod bookracks to keep textbooks and other school supplies in close proximity. Students wont have to worry about trying to make space for books theyre not using, or about placing items in between the isles, which can ultimately be a safety hazard.

Simple Maintenance

Since School Outlet has partnered with the best brands in the market, our combo desks are easy to maintain. The steel used for the frame of the combo desks is resistant to rust. Additionally, steel-base gliders are available to allow for easily gliding a desk from point A to B without tarnishing a classrooms flooring, or tipping over and causing injury.

Optional top surfaces include a high-pressure laminate work surface, which is easy to clean, or an upgraded hard plastic Martest top, which offers the looks of varnished wood with the strength and durability of stone. Hard plastic tops are the easiest to clean and are extremely difficult to scratch so words can't be cut or inscribed into the top.

Abundant Options at Affordable Prices

At School Outlet, you can choose from a large assortment of combo desks as well as other types of quality desks and school furniture to match all your needs. From book cases to charging stations and stages, youll find just what you need at competitive prices.

For more information about our school furniture alternatives, contact School Outlet today.