Wholesale Cribs and Nursery Furniture for Preschools

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When parents choose a preschool, they look at several factors that promote the safety of their beloved little ones. Along with having experienced staff members, the quality of a classroom must be well maintained and equipped to accommodate young childrens needs.


At School Outlet, youll find a large assortment of quality cribs and nursery furniture designed to fit the themes of a variety of daycare rooms. We work with various brands that specialize in using the best materials and processes to manufacture sturdy and durable preschool furniture. Additionally, all of our cribs are compliant with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, established in 2012.


Cribs Adorned with Practicality


When it comes to choosing cribs, you should take into consideration elements such as the size of the room in which they will be placed and whether the cribs are compliant to government regulations. The companies we work with meet federal requirements for the construction of cribs.


Are you looking for a specific type of crib featuring extra teething coating/rails or a particular material, like steel or wood? School Outlet carries numerous types of cribs that are sure to meet your preferences. These include:


  • Fixed Side
  • Foldable
  • Full Size
  • Drop Gate
  • Portable Compact
  • Steel Frame
  • Wood Frame


Most fixed side cribs, as well as some other types, are built in a way that will relieve caregivers of back pain when reaching for an infant. Others come in a more space-saving size and allow for easy maneuvering around the crib.


If youre looking for cribs with large swivel casters that make them easy to roll, you can find many at School Outlet. Additionally, youll find cribs with protective bumpers to guard both crib doors and doorways from possible hindrances. Cribs with these features are easy to move from one room to another and facilitate cleaning/disinfecting processes.


Nursery Essentials


Once youve selected cribs for your daycare, you should search for other furniture necessities, including gliders and rockers, as well as necessary replacement parts and accessories. School Outlet has everything from wall seat replacement kits to portable crib mattresses and cozy sheets.


In order to have the right setting for development, babies need to be able to move freely while having enough support. With the right rest mats and soft cushions ranging from horseshoe to circular forms, infants can feel like theyre right at home. In addition, at School Outlet, you can find armchairs that are specially designed for bottle-feeding.


Children between the ages of three months and three years can get an early lessen in development with bench steps that are specifically made to cater to infants from the ages of three months to three years. These steps feature foam and nylon that seamlessly work together to keep babies secure.


Find All of Your Daycare Needs in One Place


With School Outlet, you wont need to look any further to find what youre looking for to help create the best preschool environment. Whether youre searching for crib drawers, changing pads/tables, high chairs, or any of the aforementioned, weve got you covered.


If youre interested in learning more about School Outlets preschool furniture inventory, give us a call today and well be more than happy to assist you.