Wholesale Dry Erase Boards for Schools and Colleges

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If you are a seasoned white board user and/or purchaser, then you are probably aware there are quite a few dry erase board styles to choose from. For instance, dry erase boards can be made from glass, porcelain, or steel. Oftentimes, dry erase boards are mounted to the walls of classrooms, but they are also available in transportable forms and many stores sell sheets of dry erase panels, which are meant to replace damaged or old dry erase board surfaces.

School Outlet offers customers a large assortment of dry erase board styles and sizes. The brands School Outlet carries include Luxor, Best-Rite, and Quartet. Overtime, dry erase boards can fall victim to damage caused from markers or if the boards are cleaned improperly; therefore, consumers should strongly consider buying higher quality dry erase boards that are less likely to be damaged. Here are a few of the best dry erase boards School Outlet offers:

Luxor Porcelain Steel Markerboard

This dry erase board from Luxor is features a porcelain board that will resist scratches, dents, stains, and ghosting with normal use. The board has a magnetic surface, which makes this board ideal for presentations and there is steel backing behind the board, which provides extra strength and durability. In order to keep track of markers and erasers, an accessory tray comes with this board. Also, mounting hardware for drywall applications is included as well.

School Outlet supplies this high quality Luxor dry erase board in the dimensions of 4-feet by 3-feet. The board features an aluminum frame and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Luxor Painted Steel Markerboard

Luxors painted steel dry erase board alternative is a wall-mounted board that features a painted steel magnetic surface. School Outlet offers this board in a few different sizes, including:

  • 3-feet by 2-feet
  • 4-feet by 3-feet
  • 6-feet by 3-feet & 4-inches
  • 8-feet by 3-feet & 4-inches

This board features an aluminum frame similar to the porcelain steel board made by Luxor and mounting equipment for drywall is also included.

Best-Rite Dry Erase Porcelain Steel Panel

Best-Rites dry erase porcelain steel panels are perfect for resurfacing damaged or worn-down dry erase boards or can be modified to fit in places where large dry erase boards wouldnt normally fit, such as in the inside of a cubicle or a small wall space.

School Outlet supplies this product in a range of dimensions, such as:

  • 4-feet by 4-feet
  • 4-feet by 6-feet
  • 4-feet by 8-feet
  • 4-feet by 10-feet
  • 4-feet by 12-feet

Best-Rite Visionary Magnetic Glossy White Glass Markerboard

School Outlet carries a number of glass dry erase boards manufactured by Best-Rite and Luxor. These boards are the next best thing in dry erase board design because they are made from tempered glass and do not have frames.

Buy your glass dry erase board today on School Outlets virtual school furniture store. Our collection includes Best-Rites glass dry erase boards in 3-feet by 2-feet, 4-feet by 3-feet, and 6-feet by 4-feet dimensions.

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