Wholesale Filing and Storage Cabinets For School Offices

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Wholesale Filing and StorageCabinets For School Offices

If you run a school of any kind from preschool to universities, you know how difficult it can be for teachers to stay sane, however, as long as you stay organized you can achieve your educational mission with peace of mind. Thats why School Outlet, a leading supplier of all things related to school and classroom furniture, accessories, and other goods, offers filing and storage cabinets for your administrative offices.

An incredible amount of paperwork goes into keeping any educational facility running. These durable cabinets will help you streamline any storage process.

Hirsh Industries Vertical File Cabinets: Simple Solutions for School Professionals

This standard school filling cabinet is constructed with incredible ball-bearing suspension that will keep your drawers running smoothly at all times. Theres no need for hang rails thanks to the high-side drawers on this cabinet. This can accommodate letter-size files, and has a core removable lock.

Series Vertical File: Store High Volumes of Files with this Big Cabinet

This is one of the best filing cabinets for classrooms and offices alike. This top-quality construction includes full-extension steel ball-bearing slides, and an anti-tip feature that keeps multiple drawers from getting pulled out at the same time. An integral lock lets you maintain control over all drawers.

Hirsh Industries Vertical File Cabinets: Deep Drawers for Big Documents

This classroom filing cabinet is perfect for large documents because of its deep drawers. You can get it either two drawers tall, or four drawers tall, depending on how much space you have, and how much storage room you need.

Hirsh Industries Lateral File Cabinets for Larger Documentation Storage

These three-drawer long cabinets are ideal for storing letters, legal folders, A4s, and any other broad, large document you need to keep safe and secure. Enjoy the smooth performance of the ball bearing slide suspension gives the drawers, and the generous storage space as well. This unit features dual lock bars and roll-out binder storage for optimal organization.

Keep Your Classroom Organized: Hirsh Industries Lateral File Cabinets

Keep your classroom organized with this perfect for organizing a variety of sizes and styles of documents. You have ready open access thanks to the shelf on top, and plenty of room for documents of all kinds thanks to its large, wide drawers.

For Office Design: Modular Mobile Pedestal 2-Drawer File / Box Cabinet

Enjoy the wood-style paneling of this 2-drawer filling box cabinet. The smooth, durable surface for a perfect side-table or end table. Best of all, the scratch-resistant surface will look fresh and clean for year after years. The storage space can accommodate letter or legal sized hanging folders without any difficulty.

Learn More About the Best Filing Cabinets for Schools and Offices of all Kinds

School Outlet is an expert supplier of all things related to classroom furniture. We have helped everyone from preschools to universities find the perfect storage solution to all of their filling cabinet needs. We offer wholesale prices on top quality classroom furniture. Contact us online or call us at (877) 398-6449 to learn more.