Wholesale Music Chairs and Stands For School Performances

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Music is one of the most common languages around the world. People of all nationalities and ages listen to it, play, learn, and teach it. Most children learn music skills, such as rhythm and melody, starting from preschool continuing to secondary school. Many also enjoy learning to play instruments with lessons outside of school.

Whatever your case may be, whether you are an institution that believes in music and its many benefits or a private tutor looking to build clientele and notoriety, you need the right furniture for your program. School Outlet offers the furniture you need to truly engage your students andget them ready for performances. Here is a list of must-have items in a music program.

Melody Band Music Chair

The new melody stacking chair features the look and feel that most music departments have come to expect. To meet the unique demands of the musical performance environment, the chair is designed band-pitched style with a seat to back angle of 97 degrees allowing for maximum breathing capacity.

It is also ideal for any activity that requires your back to be in a more upright position. The frame is built with strong 7/8″ 16 gauge square tubing, matched to a seat and back made of durable polypropylene. The chair will provide years of use while giving the necessary support and comfort for playing your favorite instrument.

Music Stand

This Music Stand is a great addition to our music chair series. The durable desk is made with strong 22 gauge steel and has rolled-steel edges to protect instruments and preserve the stand.

It is coated with black textured finish that resists scratches and chipping. The stand vertically adjusts to range from 24″ 46″ (lip to floor), using our spring loaded adjustable tube. Reading surface desk features simple tension tilt that provides smooth adjustment and strong tension at any position.

Music Chair Dolly

Music Chair Dolly

Easily set up for musical performances with National PublicSeatings DY82 Series Chair Dolly. This 16-gauge steel dolly holds up to 18 band chairs, so you can quickly load and store your temporary performance seating. Handles on each side and four 4″ casters (two swivels) make it a cinch to move. Additionally, each chair dolly has a chrome-plated finish that wont chip.

Get The Furniture Your Students Deserve

Performing for an audience helps students to experience nervousness, and manage and overcome those fears. It teaches us that its ok to feel nervous, that its a natural part of being human and that we can overcome those feelings, remain poised and deliver a confident public performance. Need a large order of chairs for a school performance? Youll find quite a few here at School Outlet. You can order online and be sure that your personal information is secure. But if you have questions, prefer buying by phone or are interested in a volume purchase, our friendly staff can help you find the chairs that meet your budget and requirements, please contact us via our online contact form for more information.