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In Auburn, a suburban city of Cayuga County in New York, a couple of regional foundations recently got together to unveil a special project they have been working on for months: A Play Space where preschool children can take advantage of sensory activities. The Auburn Play Space features a station where children can experiment with playdough and various other art materials to create whatever comes to their minds. Another station is equipped with pumps that children can operate so that they can experience concepts related to fluid volume and dynamics. Finally, the Play Space also features sand and water tables for the ultimate in sensory experiences.

The aforementioned Play Space is part of a pedagogic trend that favors experiential play that focuses on engaging the senses of young children. The idea is to help toddlers and preschool students fine-tune the development of their motor skills. Getting to play with different objects and materials is something that children are not only very interested in but will also find to be a lot of fun.

Sand and Water Tables for Preschools

When thinking of purchasing activity tables for preschool classrooms, first consider their use, then move on to the brand. In early childhood classrooms, large groups of children infrequently sit around a single table and maintaining the kids attention and focus can be a daunting task.

When thinking of purchasing activity tables for preschool classrooms, first consider their use, then move on to the brand. In early childhood classrooms, large groups of children infrequently sit around a single table and maintaining the kids attention and focus can be a daunting task.

Pre-K students are sensitive to their environment, and most of the time their behavior is reliant on the space and surroundings that encompasses the classroom. Early childhood furniture goes a long way toward creating an environment that is both welcoming and exhilarating for early learners. This is when dry and wet sensory tables are more than ideal.

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In addition to fine motor skills, children can also develop language and cognitive skills when they interact with objects provided with sensory tables. The items can be organized in ways that encourage players to count, arrange, describe, and match objects. This is also a good opportunity for them to improve their vocabulary as they assign nouns and adjectives to objects and activities.

Now that you have an idea of what you need to keep those little learners attentive, weve prepared a list of sand and water tables that are sure to enhance the learning ambiance of your classroom.

The Best Water Tables for Classrooms and Outdoors

To promote tactile discovery, fine motor skills, and social interaction, we recommend the with the ECR4Kids 4-Station Square Sand & Water Table with Lids. Each station features brightly colored basins that are removable for easy draining and cleaning. Translucent lids are included to keep sand, water, and toys securely in the unit when not in use.

The Jonti-Crafts Sensory Sand & Water Table is filled with water, a layer of sand, and cute plastic sea creatures that can provide hours of learning and play as they encourage children to become familiar with science concepts such as the ecosystems, wet and dry states, and many others. Children at this age may not be able to define the words, but their basic understanding of the concepts will surely evolve. This durable table has a baltic birch frame and maple legs that allow it to carry a lifetime guarantee. It also comes with a six-inch deep plastic liner with a built-in drain valve. The non-marking swivel casters on two legs make it easy to move your table outdoors then back inside.

The ECR4Kids Sand & Water Play Island Table is a bright and colorful two-station sensory center; it comes with toys to keep everyone entertained. You can use the table's cover to create a solid play space for drawing that can be wiped clean. It also keeps sand and water in place when not in use. You can even remove the legs for toddlers to play on the ground if your classroom calls for it.

The Tropic Sand Mobile Stand is ideal for preschool projects that require mobility, accessibility, and ease of use. This popular, self-contained storage system features steel construction with four 3-inch ball bearing swivel casters. Perfect for presentation days and storage, the stand rolls easily wherever you need it. Your organizer also includes 12 pivot brackets that swing wide to allow easy access to clamps and their contents.

Fun Sand and Water Trays for Schools

Let's talk about some of the additional benefits that sensory tables can bring to your kindergarten, school, daycare facility, or community center. One of the reasons teachers and caregivers love these tables is because they have noticed that social and emotional interactions magically occur. Kids find these tables fascinating, and they will let each other know; in essence, they feel inclined to "talk shop" when they gather at these stations.

In terms of relaxation, preschool teachers often direct their more excitable or hyperactive students to sensory tables because of their instant engagement effect. The materials and objects have interesting textures, shapes, and colors; in some cases, they have alluring scents or can be doused with aromas. Sensory tables will call some children down because it gives them many things to do at once.

With regard to creativity, sensory tables provide mental freedom. Children feel as if they can do anything when they play at these stations, and the results can be pretty creative. It is important for caregivers to let children know that they can feel free to do anything that comes to their minds. Finally, these stations also present an opportunity to set rules, guidelines, and suggestions as to how they should behave, thus giving them a taste of structured environments.

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