Wholesale Supplier of Laptop and Computer Charging Stations

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It's definitely a first-world problem, but still anannoying one. The vast majority of electrical items in our lives that areportable are powered by rechargeable batteries phones, headphones, eBookreaders, tablets even computer keyboards and mice. We're not content to dealwith the tangle of power cables any longer, and prefer to do everythingwirelessly.

The main issue with rechargeable batteries is that,well, they need charging. We've all experienced the dread of waking up in themorning and realizing that we forgot to charge our computer or mobile deviceovernight. We have two percent battery left and there's no time to charge what a dilemma!

The world has moved to mobile computing over the lastdecade or so as people now prefer the convenience of using a laptop. A laptopmeans it can be used anywhere and everywhere, but of course, only if it ischarged. As laptops become standard tools for any workplace environment, itmakes sense to connect with a reliable wholesale supplierof laptop & computer charging stations.

The Problem of Charging Multiple DevicesHas a Simple Solution!

You may be responsible for an educational facilitythat when it comes to computers prefers laptops over desktops and lendsstudents a laptop while they are within your facility. If this is the case,then it is your responsibility to make sure that all laptops are fully-chargedat the end of each school or college day.

A laptop or computer charging station is the easiestway to achieve this. At School Outlet we can supply your facility with a numberof different types of laptop and computer charging stations. All have differentcapacities and can be used to charge tablets, netbooks and both small and largelaptops. They can also be used for storage and as many of them arecaster-mounted, transportation.

As an example, let's discuss the LuxorLLTM30-B charging cart. This cart has the capacity for a maximum of thirtytablets, netbooks or small laptops and is ideal for schools, colleges,universities, businesses and hospitals. The cabinet can be locked for securitypurposes and has a large number of ventilation holes to prevent the cabinetfrom overheating when a large number of charging devices are placed within it.

Smart Charging Means Your DevicesAre Charged as Effectively as Possible

The charging is provided by internal horizontal powerstrips with a built-in smart charging controller to aid effective charging andto protect the devices while they are charging. Simply plug the devices intotheir chargers then plug the chargers into the power strips. Once you aregood-to-go as far as charging is concerned, simply connect the unit to a mainpower supply. The smart charging control will detect the charged levels of eachdevice and calculate the most effective charging strategy. If left overnight,even when fully-loaded the charging station will fully charge all devices thatare connected to it.

We have several options foryou at School Outlet, and your selection depends purely on your needs. Don'tforget you can obtain cost-effective wholesale prices if you choose to make abulk purchase! For more information, contactus at (877) 398 6449 or use our onlinecontact form to contact us via email.