Wholesale Supplier of Preschool Cubbies and Trays

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Every preschool needs to stay organized if teachers are going to stay sane. One of the best ways to make sure these often rowdy classrooms are ready for tomorrow at the end of every day is to stock your room with sturdy, easy to use cubbies and trays. Staying organized is going to be an important skill throughout the lives of any student, no matter what field they find themselves exploring. However, any preschool teacher knows that keeping the students organized is easier said than done. Not only that, things can get a little rowdy in the classroom, which is why you need durable, long lasting and bright colored cubbies that you students will love to use. Finally, you would be well advised to choose an economical option such as a wholesale supplier who can help you find smart options for your budget.

Lets explore some examples of wholesale cubbies and trays that will help keep your preschool classroom organized no matter how many students you have.

Young Time Sectional Cubbie Storage Without Trays - Fully-Assembled: Simple Convenient Preschool Classroom Storage

Safety and convenience features of this simple storage solution:
  • Rounded out corners
  • Indestructible laminate surface
  • Thermo-fused edgebanding
  • Comes Fully-Assembled
  • Optional Caster kit is available to make the unit mobile
  • Certified GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM indoor air quality
  • Compliant with CPSIA and CARB
  • A warranty that lasts a lifetime

Ready-to-Assemble Cubbie Storage With Clear Trays: Keep Your Preschool Classroom Organized

This set ofcubbies with clear plastic traysoffers the perfect place for books, coloring tablets, crayons, blocks, and any other supplies you may have. Include the optional C-Caster kit to make this unit mobile, which is ideal for reconfiguring classrooms, adjusting for new class sizes, and clearing space for special events and activities. The sturdy construction and design of this cubby features a laminated surface and thermo-fused edgebanding, which helps seal out moisture, thus preventing warping and damage.

Other Preschool Furniture Items to Help Organize Your Classroom

For keeping your coloring books, reading books and other similar materials, try these reading centers and displays . Attractive reading displays are a key part of building an environment that will encourage your students to be lifelong readers and learners from early on. Encourage creativity with book stands that offer a combination with a writing board . Combine a seating area and a storage place in one piece with a storage bench as well.

Learn More About Wholesale Preschool Cubbies and Trays for Organized Classrooms with Expert Guidance

One of the most important decisions you can make when you are shopping for preschool furniture is choosing a reliable wholesale supplier who is committed to delivering you quality materials. As a leading supplier of classroom furniture and supplies for all grades, we know that you need to find materials that fit into a balanced and frequently tight budget. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the cubbies, trays and other materials above, or anything else we offer. Contact us online, where you can view pictures, prices and furnishing options, or call us at (877) 398-6449.