Why Should You Choose Us for Your Student Desk Replacement Needs?

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Why Should You Choose Us for Your Student Desk Replacement Needs?

When your school looks to update its student desk inventory, there are four primary features that are of the utmost importance. Desks must be affordable, they must be durable, they must be functional and they must fit into a small area while still being large enough to accommodate larger children. We have desks that meet all those needs.

Our desks are durable and functional. Our surfaces are made of high pressure laminates over a high density particle core and a backing sheet to prevent warping. Almost every student desk we offer has a book box or basket, either under the desktop or under the chair bottom on combo models.
Most of our desks are compact, featuring an 18 inch by 24 inch writing surface. However, most of our desks are also adjustable, so that the same desks will function in both younger and older classrooms and larger students can be accommodated more easily. If the fully adjusted height is not sufficient, we also offer several extra-large desks, including combo models with chairs

In addition to meeting and exceeding the needs outlined above, we have a student desk selection that offers a range of styles and colors, including some less traditional models. Our cooperative learning desks fit together in either a hexagon or an octagon so that students can sit in a circle for group work environments. Other desks offer foot rests to help students with their posture while another style allows for maximum storage and work space for more advanced class work, and we sometimes have ADA desks as well.

No matter what your school's individual needs are, we can probably help. Thank you for shopping with us for all of your students needs.