Why You Should Equip Your Science Classrooms with Chemical Resistant Tables

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Science classrooms are unlike any other classrooms in schools, because the events that take place in science classrooms typically do not happen in other rooms. For example, students in science classrooms across the country are experimenting with chemicals and dissecting animals to learn more about anatomy and biology.

Of course not every activity that takes place in science classrooms requires a protective surface; however, its always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having chemical resistant tables and desks in science classrooms.

School Outlet supplies an assortment of chemical resistant tables and desks that are designed specifically for science classroom settings. Read on to learn more about a few of the science tables our store supplies and why you should equip your science classroom with chemical resistant furniture pieces.

Science Tables are Built to Resist Harsh Chemicals

Tables designed for science classrooms are often built to resist harsh chemicals. Some science tables are made mostly from metal and feature laminate surfaces, like Diversified Woodcrafts Laminate Top Metal Frame Science Table, while other tables are crafted from wood and feature chemical-resistant tops and legs, like National Public Seatings Science Tables.

Science tables are often finished with special epoxy, which makes them resistant to damage from harsh chemicals and moisture. Another common feature for chemical-resistance is rubber boots on the legs of science tables. Rubber boots prevent the table legs underneath from being damaged by accidental spills of chemicals, etc.

Chemical-Resistant Surfaces Come in a Variety of Styles

School Outlet offers customers a large selection of chemical-resistant science tables to choose from. Customers can choose from a variety of science table and desk styles, in addition to picking from an assortment of chemical-resistant lab station tables and other furniture pieces.

Our stores selection includes a number of table and desk styles manufactured by well-known brands, like Diversified Woodcrafts and NPS. The tables School Outlet supplies are available in a multitude of dimensions and table heights.

School Outlets selection includes a number of tables that come with pretty neat features. For example, some of our tables are available with book boxes, which are a great way to get nearby books and belongings away from the table surface before starting a science experiment.

Shop School Outlets Assortment of Chemical-Resistant Tables

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