Wooden School Furniture for Pre School and Elementary School

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Wooden School Furniture for Pre School and Elementary SchoolIf youre looking to recreate a classic classroom atmosphere in your school or library, wooden school furniture pieces are the perfect solution. Pre-schools and elementary schools alike can find many well-made wooden furniture pieces at School Outlet online. All our wood products are competitively priced and made from the highest quality materials. Wooden furniture is timeless, beautiful, and built to last.

Some Recommended Wooden Furniture Pieces for Pre-Schools and Elementary Schools

1. The Virco Wood Library Table with Laminate Top

This Virco Wood Library Table is simply a classic design with its beautiful wooden materials and laminate top to protect it from damage over time. No assembly is required for this 72 x 36 x 29 product. This table is sure to enhance the design of any library in your elementary school.

2. ECR4Kids Deluxe Hardwood Rectangular Table with 18" Legs - (24" x 36")

This Deluxe Hardwood Rectangular Table is the perfection wooden option for classrooms, playrooms, and common areas in pre-schools and elementary schools. This durable, solid, three-quarters inch thick hardwood table will hold up well for years on end. It is both appealing to the eye and practical with its easy-to-clean smooth surfaces. The rounded edges function for both style and safety. This reading table is perfect for children from pre-school to fourth grade. If youre looking for a larger version of this table, check out the ECR4Kids Deluxe Hardwood Rectangular Table w/18" Legs - (24" x 48").

3. ECR4Kids Colorful Essentials - Large 8 Compartment Cabinet - Wood Laminate with Solid Color Side

These Mobile Storage Cabinets are designed with young children in mind. Theyre the perfect height for little ones to be able to reach. These cabinets are the ideal solution for storing students school supplies and books. This well-constructed furniture piece comes with siding colors of your choice of red, blue, or yellow. Its simple to clean as well with its laminate finish on the inside. This warm maple wooden cabinet comes with rounded, smooth edges to minimize the risk of injuries in the classroom and comes with a manufacturers satisfaction guarantee.

4. ECR4Kids Colorful Essentials - Book Display Stand Wood with Solid Color Side

This final recommended item is a classroom essential for encouraging and inviting students to read. This colorful single-sided book display is beautifully designed with 4 easy-to-reach shelves for the little ones to find books of all sizes. It is also available in red, blue, or yellow siding colors to match or compliment the Colorful Essentials Cabinets. Again, this ECR4Kids wooden products comes with a quality satisfaction guarantee, rounded edges, and an easy-to-clean laminate inside.

Purchase Durable, Timeless Wooden Furniture at Cost-Effective Prices

With limited school budgets, its important that youre getting the most value for the quality wooden furniture pieces you buy. At School Outlet, we make it easy to find exactly what you need at prices that cant be beat. Browse from the comfort of your computer, and order these well-constructed furniture solutions today. If you have any questions about our wooden furniture or any of our other products, reach out to us today at (877) 398-6449 or take advantage of our online contact form.