Science ADA Desks For Classrooms

Few subjects are more crucial to student development than anything in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM. Thats why you need well-designed and practical ADA Desks for your science classroom. A student can calculate molarity or add buffer to an acid without injuring themselves and learning the material for a midterm or AP exam.

These desks, designed with the American Disabilities Act regulations in mind, help all students and teachers with the material better. Check out more Science Lab furniture here.

ADA-Compliant Teacher And Student Desks

Browse our selection of student desks that meet ADA standards. We currently carry the Diversified Woodcrafts that meet ADA standards. Each desk comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Wheelchair Accessible Desks

Traditional school desks are not designed for mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. As a result, not having at least one classroom desk that meets such standards is a violation of the law. You can not only ensure that your students are comfortable for each semester, but also avoid liability.

The Diversified Woodcrafts DIV-1214K-L-ADA has a Phenolic Resin Top while measuring at 72″W x 30″D. This desk is meant for instructors, which has room for a wheelchair while providing a faucet and sink. The finish is eco-friendly and UV-resistant, meaning that it is less likely to bleach in sunny locations or reflecting harmful rays on the student. Pull out the writing board or use the gas fixture for your convenience.

If you need a similar piece of science furniture with an epoxy layer, Diversified Woodcrafts DIV-1216K-L-ADA is the one for you. You also get a pullout sink and faucet, as well as a gas fixture, and room for a wheelchair user to sit and listen comfortably.

If you need standard desks that do not need connection to plumbing or gas connections, consider the Diversified Woodcrafts DIV-1216KF-R. It comes with a writing board, four drawers, a cupboard, and locks. One can request an additional sink and faucet.

Factors For Choosing Adjustable ADA Desks

Accommodation is also a crucial component of the safety of your classroom and students as well. If a student has a disability or a chronic condition, they need tools that allow them to focus, minimize pain from sitting for long periods of time, and learn the material. Such tools can include ergonomic furniture; others include allowing them to record notes and lectures, or sitting closer to the board.

You need to have accommodation even if a student doesnt disclose any disabilities, invisible or visible. With a spacious work surface perfect for reading, writing, lecturing and demonstrations, such a desk makes an excellent addition to STEM classrooms.

Accommodate Students And Teachers With School Outlet Desks

School Outlet takes pride in providing students with accommodation. Every person needs the right tools for their environment, especially if having physical limitations or neurodiverse conditions.

Are you ready to find out more about which desk features are ADA Compliant? Please reach out to us today. School Outlet will answer all of your questions about how best to use school desks and accommodate your students.