AV Equipment for Schools

School Outlet prides itself on providing the highest quality school furniture out there at affordable prices. Our inventory ranges from Virco chairs to AV equipment, podiums, and lecterns, designed to enhance the learning experience at a variety of educational levels. We have been providing classroom furniture solutions from preschools to the nation's top universities for the past 10 years. As time passes, we continue to grow as a company.

A Day With Surround Sound And Video

Audiovisual equipment (AV), is used in schools for visual presentations, movies, and speeches. The term tends to refer to components that combine audios and visuals to foster our understanding of abstract concepts.

AV education in schools has been a tradition for fifty years to stimulate children to learn. We may not use projectors and slides anymore, but we still have the same focus on helping kids. Studies have shown that audio-visual learning makes a positive difference. Thats why having the right equipment matters. You need to keep up with the times, and growing minds.

Generally, you want AV equipment in a school, you want it centered around educating your students. You also want to make sure that teachers, faculty and perhaps older students can manage the equipment, allowing for easy setup and portability. If you are a college in need of microphones and podiums, you want good-quality electronics and furniture that teaching assistants can handle with aplomb.

AV Equipment And Lecterns

Our AV equipment, podiums, and lecterns are perfect for most learning environments. Many designs and sizes are available to fit your every need. Our affordable podiums are ideal for a lecture setting or to simply have for the teacher. We offer competitive prices and our items are designed to fit your school's budget.

To start, youll need carts for carrying around equipment. School Outlet has a vast amount of options in the Luxor brand, and we recommend starting with the Luxor Tuffy 34" Open Shelf AV Cart with Legs. Thermoplastic resin and stainless steel assure that this cart will last for years, and can hold up to two hundred pounds. Keep all your cords untangled and prevent any mess.

When you want to own the room during a lecture, the Oklahoma Sound Tabletop Lectern can assist with that. Weighing only fifty-four pounds and laminated, this lectern displays lightweight practicality. It makes a positive impression and informs students that the teacher has control of their attention. Order one of four color finishes, to go with your classroom decor.

Sometimes you want to have the flexibility for presentations. Most classrooms use laptops now to play PowerPoint assignments. You want a durable, moveable cart for those days; we can recommend the Oklahoma Sound PRC300 Laptop Caddy. The cart comes with a lockable storage box to keep expensive or delicate equipment safe. Use the six-outlet power strip for when a laptop needs lots of charging or adjust the height for the students benefit. You wont be disappointed with this model.

What if you want your students to have the best tech possible, and to move beyond chalk and dry-erase markers? We recommend the MooreCo VSV0005703 Interactive Whiteboard to try on for size, at a lower cost than most of its equivalents. V Sense touch allows you to use any tool to sign or draw on the whiteboard -- including your hands-- while keeping away dust and stains, as well as reflections that interfere with screen images. The whiteboard also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you will teach generations of kids to come.

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School Outlet prioritizes outfitting your school with only the best furniture and equipment. We want to help design your classrooms into centers of learning. Your students will appreciate the effort put into their daily routine and structure.

If you are unsure of which AV equipment or lecterns are right for your needs, then reach out to us today. Our friendly staff can help you find podiums that meet your budget and needs.