30-Bay Charging Cart, Black for Chromebook, Tablets, IPads, Laptops (less than 1" inch thick) (Luxor LUX-LLTM30-B)

This lockable steel cabinet cart safely charges, stores, and transports up to 30 tablets or Chromebooks. Its clever design includes features for cord management, device dividers, and smooth-rolling wheels. They make it a breeze to move around.

30-Bay Charging Cart, Black for Chromebook, Tablets, IPads, Laptops (less than 1" inch thick) (Luxor LUX-LLTM30-B)

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  • Model#: LUX-LLTM30-B

  • Some Assembly Required

  • Country of Manufacture: China

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This item meets high quality ANSI/BIFMA standards for comfort, safety, sustainability, and durability in furniture.

UL Certified

Tested by Underwriters Laboratories for safety & sustainability and free from a foreseeable risk of fire & electric shock.

Product Details

Luxor Tablet / Chromebook Charging Carts safely charge, store and transport tablets and Chromebooks to meet the evolving IT needs of classrooms and dynamic work environments. Fully certified to the UL 60950-1 / cULus safety standards, they feature a strong, simple design. Their lockable steel doors provide rugged security and storage while inside, an electrical assembly and cord management system keeps things organized and charged up. Rubber-coated dividers won't scratch devices and help provide impact protection during transit, which is made easy even when fully loaded thanks to rolling casters and a full-length handle. And the cabinet requires minimal assembly – simply attach the casters and handle.

NOTE: Compatible with Power Brick Holder LLTM30-PBAY (sold separately) for the organization of brick-style power adapters.

Special Note: Due to the latest, larger size of the 20W Apple iPad and Samsung Chromebook USB-C charging block adapters, only half of the available plug outlets are accessible in this unit. If you are using these power adapters, please contact Luxor customer service for the availability of special adapter cords that can be used to regain access to all charging plugs.

Product Features

  • Full certification to the UL 60950-1 / cULus safety standards
  • Four non-marring 4" casters, two with locking brakes, smoothly handle heavy loads
  • Charges up to 30 tablets or Chromebooks (15 per shelf)
  • Rubber-coated dividers spaced 1" apart keep equipment organized and protected
  • Cable management for superior interior cord organization

Benefits of a 30-Bay Charging Cart, Black for Chromebook, Tablets, IPads, Laptops

The 30-bay charging cart is the best solution if multiple devices must be charged, stored, and transported securely. It saves time compared to charging these devices individually. Your devices will be ready to use when needed. The lockable steel cabinet protects expensive technology investments when not in use. Interior rubber-coated dividers and cable management features to keep everything neatly organized. These carts are also designed for mobility. They have large casters that make transport between classrooms easier. The full-length handle makes maneuvering simple even when fully loaded. You don’t need multiple charging stations or outlets scattered around a room. These self-contained carts condense charging into one mobile-powered unit. It helps maximize available space in your classrooms. Here are some benefits of the Luxor LLTM30-B charging cart.

  • Organization and Storage

    The cart's design keeps devices organized when charging, in storage, or in transit. Rubber-coated dividers spaced 1" apart provide separate slots for each device to prevent scratches and minimize device movement. An interior cable management system with clips keeps cords routed properly to reduce clutter and tangles. Devices can be securely stored and locked inside the steel cabinet when not in use.

  • Charging Capabilities

    The powered charging carts take the hassle out of managing multiple power sources. Devices can simply be stored in the cart and left charging. It eliminates the need for separate charging stations scattered around a room. Having a set of fully charged devices ready to go allows the devices to be used when needed. 

  • Security

    The steel cabinet construction of these charging carts and lockable front and rear doors prevent unauthorized access. It also protects the devices from theft when not being used or transported. The included keyed locks and two sets of keys limit device handling to authorized personnel only. It protects against tampering that could damage the devices.

  • Mobility

    The charging cart offers excellent mobility due to the large 4” casters. Two casters can be locked to keep the unit in its place. The sturdy, non-marring casters can handle loads of up to 30 devices, power cords, and charging bricks. Integrated handles run the full length of the cart for convenient pushing or pulling during transport.

  • Time Efficiency

    You can charge up to 30 devices simultaneously through one powered station. Teachers can simply load devices into the cart, where they can charge securely. It saves time that would otherwise be wasted waiting for devices to charge in between uses. Your devices are ready to be used whenever you need them.

  • Space Efficiency

    Rather than requiring multiple charging cables, stations, and outlets scattered around a classroom or computer lab, these carts consolidate charging and storage into one mobile-powered unit. By reducing clutter from cables and individual chargers, they help maximize the usable space in classrooms, libraries, labs, or open areas. You can simply wheel away the unit to create more space in your teaching area.


Product Specs


additional information Key-lock on front & back door; 2 sets of keys assembly Some Assembly Required
capacity 30 Chromebooks or tablets casters 4" full-swivel casters, two with locking brakes
cord length 10' divider distance 1"
divider slots 1.75" W x 16" D x 12" H frame material Powder-coated Steel
main compartment 11.75" W x 15.25" D x 10" H overall dimension 24.2" W x 21.1" D x 37.6" H
weight capacity 120 lbs country of manufacture China
model # LUX-LLTM30-B number of cartons 1
ship method LTL


Frequently Asked Questions

The charging cart's power requirement is standard 120V/15A electrical outlets. It is available in most classrooms, computer labs, or school environments. It has an integrated 15-outlet vertical power strip and two 10-foot power cords to plug into a wall outlet. The power strip inside the cart is UL-certified for safety. 

Yes, it can be! The steel cabinet construction of these charging carts includes lockable doors on both the front and rear sides. When not in use, the doors prevent unauthorized access. Two sets of keys are included, so the locks can be accessed by authorized personnel only. When locked, the steel doors keep the devices secure inside. 

Yes, there are! The steel frame and surfaces can be periodically wiped with disinfecting wipes or a damp cloth to remove dirt, spills, or other debris. Always unplug the cart's power cord before cleaning. Only reinstall devices once all surfaces are completely dry to prevent the risk of electrical shock.

Absolutely! The steel frame has ventilation on all four sides. Those holes in the unit help air freely circulate inside the unit to prevent the risk of overheating. It has an open design with spaces between the device divider slots, allowing for passive airflow and heat dissipation when devices are charging.