Bench Tables

Have you considered bench tables for your school cafeteria or lunchroom? If not, then you should. Cafeteria bench tables require some thought regarding your existing space and student body.

For any school, its crucial that it has furniture that promotes hygiene, provides durability, and keeps the users comfortable. Children have difficulty sitting indoors or outdoors, so one needs to factor in ergonomics.

Standards For Bench Cafeteria Tables

School bench cafeteria seating needs to meet the same standards. Lets look at what bench tables can do for your cafeteria when different classes eat, for other uses, and what you need to look for in choosing yours.

Lunch is an integral part of the school day. Students use this time to nourish themselves so they can stay focused and productive the rest of the day, and it provides essential socialization time with friends. Whether you work at an elementary or high school, bench-style seating is vital to encouraging this socialization.

At School Outlet, we dont just help you design classroomswe also help you outfit other essential areas of your school, like the cafeteria. We carry a wide selection of bench cafeteria tables in different sizes and shapes to fit the size of your cafeteria and the students who use it.

Convertible Bench Table Options

How about your convertible bench lunchroom tables? We list several selections.

Long Bench Style Cafeteria Tables

We carry classic rectangular bench table options from Virco and National Public Seating. These tried-and-true tables have withstood the test of time and are still used in cafeterias nationwide.

Virco Bench Style Mobile Cafeteria Tables are ideal for cafeterias but can be used for other purposes. They come in lengths ranging from 81 to 144 and seat heights from 15 to 17 to accommodate different school sizes and age groups. They are easy to fold and stow away when not in use, and the wheels mean you can move them to other areas in your school when needed.

Round Bench Lunchroom Tables

You might not need large, rectangular tables when you have less space or fewer students. We carry round cafeteria tables that might be the perfect fit.

The AmTab Round Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table is safe, durable, and easy to operate. This 60-diameter table comes with four separate benches and provides students with a comfortable place to sit while they eat and converse with each other. AmTab tables are made in the USA and are perfect for heavy-use and multi-purpose environments.

Important Bench Table Features

When looking at bench styles, what features should you eye in your lunchroom? We go into some of the basic features and support.


Its important to have school furniture that can take on various needs. The primary use for bench tables in a cafeteria is for children to eat. Sometimes, the staff eats here as well. However, you can use bench tables for science fairs, meetings, multiplication drills that are timed and held in the cafeteria, special after-school programs and clubs, assemblies, and a place for parents to sit and mingle during their parent-teacher association meetings and other meetings.

There is no limit to a bench tables use. Since theyre easy to maneuver, you can quickly move them to other areas of your school.


Because bench tables receive much use, you also want the bench tables you choose for your school to be durable. You need sturdy surfaces for children to put their lunches and school materials while providing a stable surface where students and teachers sit. Vinyl edging helps to prevent chipping, which can also help to avoid cuts and scrapes.


Children like to play wherever they are. This is true even if theyre in a cafeteriasmooth surfaces on each tables top and seating help to prevent scratches. Smooth corners prevent bruises and other injuries. You can choose a table with wheel casters that help quickly maneuver tables in the cafeteria to their desired location.

However, these caster lifts prevent tables from arbitrarily moving. Also, each table locks into position when folded out to allow for eating and sitting and when folded up for easy storage.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Breakfast time and lunchtime can move fast. There are times people have to eat their food within 15 to 20 minutes, teachers included. There are large schools that need to accommodate a high number of kids to feed throughout the day. Its not uncommon for some schools to have a few lunch times to accommodate everyone. This means you need to have tables that are easy to clean. With the AmTab Bench, nonporous surfaces allow staff to quickly spray each table and wipe them down so that other students can sit and eat their lunch.

Other Benefits Of Our School Cafeteria Furniture

In addition to being easy to clean, the School Outlets tables are hygienic. They are antimicrobial, which is essential in an environment where milk, bread, and other food or drink items can spill and start growing mold. Nonporous surfaces also discourage the growth of viruses and bacteria.

You can choose rectangular or circular tables, depending on your needs. Although most schools choose rectangular tables to accommodate a large number of students, easy setup for lunch and their streamlined dimensions make navigating the cafeteria easy to do in an organized manner.

Choose the Right Bench Tables for Your Cafeteria At School Outlet

School Outlet has the right tables for your needs. We are dedicated to helping schools find the furniture they need at the best prices possible. Our benches, tables, and stools come from leading manufacturers and promise easy cleaning. You can find high-quality products for pretend play or outdoor furniture.
We have the furniture from preschools to high schools to foster a productive, collaborative learning environment. Shop our full selection of school lunchroom tables today, and please get in touch with us if you have any questions.