Differences In Science Lab Tables

    Science teachers will want to invest in special tables if they plan on making the most of their situation. That being said, not all lab tables are created equally. The heavier style that youll normally find in larger high schools are quite strong, but theyre not for everyone. Theyre too big for many situations, which is why there are so many options available today.

    Science labs used to get outfitted with the same tables that pretty much every other room receives. These never seemed durable enough, which is why there are quite a few choices for those outfitting a lab. We asked the experts at School Outlet for more information about what kinds of tables are currently on the market.

    Styles Of Science Lab Tables

    Perhaps the most basic choice is a standard activity table, but youre not going to find these in a fully equipped secondary school-level science lab. National Public Seating has stepped up to the plate by offering heavier tables with a book compartment as well as one without one. This area, or the lack thereof, is the only major difference between these two different styles.

    Adjustable height riser tables provide a little more flexibility for those who are trying to meet the needs of various types of experiments. Students need their tables raised or lowered at various times, which has made these an attractive option. Mobile tables that are mounted on top of casters are another good choice for those who are looking for some additional flexibility.

    Assume that you were going to show some kind of science demonstration to your students. You might need to be able to move the table around, especially if you want to push everything away for when youre done and need to proceed with a lecture. If that were the case, then theres a good chance that you want to invest in one of these.

    Many people have laid their laboratory space out with a mobile table for the instructor and a number of individual lab tables for each student. These could potentially be laid out in such a way that there are two columns in the room with space in the middle for people to get in and out.

    For safety reasons, its a good idea to provide plenty of space for people to exit the room on either side. Otherwise, though, many of these tables use a heavy top to reduce the risk of decay that could happen when working with lab materials and dont have too many differences between them.

    Picking The Right Kind Of Table

    Consider the type of experiments youre performing and how many students are going to be involved with them. Write down some dimensions as well, because you want to make sure that you can fit the tables youre looking at the inside of your classroom. Theres a good chance that youll need to have separate materials for the pupils than whoever is conducting the class.

    Supplement Your Laboratory Furniture With School Outlet

    School Outlet has science tables and other work surfaces designed for wear and tear. Look at solid wood options, stainless steel, and more for your benefit.

    Students generally need a lot of space for the work theyre doing. Whenever you run into a question, contact us online and our team will help you to find the best tables for your particular case.