Dry Erase Easels for Teachers

Dry erase easels are essential for teachers in academia and anyone who is dedicated to teaching. Dry erase boards are particularly useful for students who are visual learners as it can act as a template and visual aid for creating graphs, drawings, math formulas, and for teaching spelling and grammar.

With dry erase easels you can create a learning environment anywhere. Whether you are teaching in school or teaching your child at home, a dry erase easel can come in handy to show your students how to do a math equation, or how to spell a certain word.

At School Outlet, our selection of white board easels can help professors with their teaching methods and process. We recommend having at least one in each classroom in order to provide teachers with the right tools to teach students with success. If you are homeschooling, a whiteboard will allow you and your students to work together in order for productive learning to take place.

Best Teacher Easels

The best teaching easel depends on your specific needs as a teacher, the space you have to teach and what you will use it for. Explore our guide below to find the best white board according to your needs.

Our White Board Easel by Best-Rite is double sided, meaning you can write both in the front and back. This easel also has a storage compartment below so that you can place your markers and erasers when no longer needed. You can also adjust the height to best suit the instructor and student. Flexible easels like this one are ideal for those teaching students within a broad age group and giving lectures on more than one topic.

We also carry more minimalist designs such as the Dura-Rite- Laminate Markerboard which is great for those who have limited space since you can easily place it against a wall when no longer in use, due to its slim design. This laminate marker board also has wheels so that you can move it around as you need to. Below the markerboard you will be able to find a steel storage box and accessory tray so that you can hold school supplies and teaching materials.

This whiteboard might be best suited for those with dynamic classrooms in which you are often moving things around to create different learning environments according to a certain course or topic.

The Best-Rite Eco Wheasel Markerboard Presentation is a good option for those that are looking for a more economic markerboard. It features everything you could possibly want in a markerboard; its lightweight and long lasting plus you can easily fold it up for storage.

Whiteboard Easels at School Outlet

At School Outlet, we pride ourselves in providing high quality classroom furniture and equipment in order for teachers and students to have a fruitful learning and teaching experience. We understand how essential it is to have the tools in order to provide the knowledge and techniques to learn certain subjects, formulas, and concepts in the classroom. Thats why at School Outlet we are dedicated to providing only the best.

If you have any questions or have any difficulty finding a specific product contact us and our team will happily help you out.