Tables for Activities and Daycares

Need a sturdy activity table thats sized just right for your little ones? Youll find an array of daycare tables and preschool tables perfect for kids ages 18 months and up. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors in fixed or adjustable heights. Customize your classroom or daycare with the perfect tables for your students.

ECR4Kids is a trusted brand that produces safe, sturdy and reliable school tables. These activity tables come in a range of nine different shapes and provide seating options from less than three up to nine students. A variety of material options are available including plastic or resin while other options include a heavy duty lamination to protect the surfaces from scratches and damage.

Preschool activity tables, like the blossom table with matching stools, are brightly colored and have a polypropylene top. The polypropylene top prevents chips, peeling, and cracks while keeping your surfaces easy to clean. Fade resistant and fun shape and style give your classroom a playful atmosphere. Steel construction under the plastic ensures a durable activity surface for your kids to enjoy.

The resin activity tables are a great addition to your school room. A core of particleboard, coated in a stain-resistant laminate, is contained within a banding edge to for added protection. Ball guides made of polypropylene are colored to match the edge banding on the table, though you may also choose leveling guides plated in nickel. Two coloring options are available with either a gray top or a woodgrain top, though gray top tables are available in four color options in the edge bands while the woodgrain tops come with black edge bands.

Sitting with your students at the table is a great way to engage with them in their activities. Both kidney or horseshoe-shaped activity tables allow you to engage your students equally. The horseshoe and kidney-shaped activity tables allow your kids to see your examples more clearly, while the shape itself gives you access to more students at once. These interestingly shaped tables are available with a laminate top for easy cleaning and adjustable heights.

School Outlet Activity Tables

At School Outlet, we understand that preschools and daycares have specific furnishing needs. With young children, the teacher is their greatest asset. Activity tables that give the student better access to their teacher help keep young children on track. Safe and durable options for activity tables give teachers a piece of mind when working with energetic children. The plastic or laminate options make cleaning up after messy activities a breeze.

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