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Factory Direct Partners Daycare Furniture

Daycare furniture needs to provide a sense of security, to create a space for child growth and development. A positive atmosphere for children is a nurturing one, that allows them to learn while their parents work. They can play, nap, and listen to stories, going home from preschool with a giant smile. Daycare furniture helps with that by accommodating childrens needs, designating spaces for functions such as shelves for storage and tables for activities, and crafting a welcoming environment. This environment fosters trust in parents and relatives alike.

Factory Direct Partners (FDP) is a company that focuses on making playtime and education fun for children and maximizing happiness through toys. They prioritize creating functional daycare furniture that delivers on performance and service, that can stand the test of playtime while making kids smile. Factory Direct Partners also makes brightly-colored toys that nurture childrens creativity and sense of fun.

Brands that create furniture for young children work harder to make sure everything is safe for every child. Their daycare tables and chairs, which come in hardwood and resin, allow for children to sit and play comfortably. Some of their options are available in a wide range of color options to add kid-friendly shades to your classroom. Upgrade your toddler tables and chairs with any of our carefully crafted daycare sets.

Because of its high-quality preschool and childrens school furniture, Factory Direct Partners is a trusted name recognized by educators across the country. From preschool classroom chairs and rest mats to library tables and cots, we offer a large selection of products from Factory Direct Partners. Youll find that most of their classroom chairs, rest mats, storage bins, and other items come in a fun array of colors that kids love.

Toddler Tables

When kids come to daycare, they come to have fun, first and foremost. A daycare instructor or preschool teacher needs to command their charges attention so that they can learn as well. Learning can be fun, and the right table can assist with daily activities. =

Every daycare classroom has different needs. Factory Direct Partners has created toddler tables to meet each need head-on. Solid wood tables with rounded edges keep kids safe while providing a sturdy surface. Sand and water tables are the perfect sensory station for young children to learn and play.

Preschool activity tables are available in shapes that are both pleasing and practical for teaching young children. Kidney and half-moon shapes allow teachers to get closer to more students while working on schoolwork or showing examples. Blossom styled tables and chairs are available in either blue or green color options for a more whimsical classroom setting. These blossom tables are plastic with polypropylene top which is resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. All toddler tables are available in both resin and plastic, both of which are easy to clean and sturdy enough for young children.

Toddler Chairs

When it comes to finding the right seating for your preschool, we have everything you need. Our toddler chairs are available in a variety of sturdy materials from solid wood to molded plastic. Stackable wooden chairs are a beautiful alternative for a more natural and bright classroom. These chairs have all rounded edges to keep your little ones safe. Plastic molded stackable chairs with metal legs are available in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Wooden and plastic chairs have their benefits for preschool. Wooden chairs are sturdy, easy to paint, and strong for intense playtime; they last longer over the years and need replacement less often. They are best for indoor activities such as reading or drawing. Plastic chairs are lighter, cheaper, and easy to clean; if kids want to pick them up or move them, they should have no trouble. They are best for outdoor activities, such as painting or planting seeds, especially if they have a floral pattern.

Stackable chairs are a popular option for classrooms. A resin shell is durable enough for active children while remaining lightweight enough for children. A steel frame lends added stability to keep your kiddos safe. Ball glides are attached to each leg to keep your flooring scuff-free. The seats are available in a variety of color options while the legs come in matching colors, black, or chrome finishes.

If your students want to sit in other types of chairs, we also have sofas for ages 3 and up. These padded seats come with birch wood and rounded edges, to keep your kids safe. Sofas are good for when toddlers feel too tired to sit up straight but not so tired that they will lie down for a nap. They can also make a kid feel more at home, with a sofa that is just their size.

Toddler Shelves

Children who learn to put things away neatly develop better cleaning habits. They also learn to spot clutter and organize their things promptly. It is hard to nap when toys and books lay strewn on the floor. We have cheap options to ensure that they will learn in your room.

Factory Direct Partners furniture has child-centered cubbies, lockers, carts, and cabinets. Coat lockers help kids hang up their jackets and stash their boots on rainy and snowy days so that they can keep preschool floors dry and neat. No one wants to slip on the floor and fall, especially when its pouring outside. A dry floor means happy kids, and fewer injuries for the teacher to handle.

Cubbies allow kids to put their things away and establish what is theirs, like backpacks and toys. Every child ought to learn about setting their boundaries and sharing when they need to share. School Outlets multi-section units with slots and units allow teachers to put away art supplies and toys neatly. Locker shelves help children and teachers organize personal items, blocks, paints, and books.

School Outlet also has specialized shelves for books. Some have markerboards so kids can write what they thought of the stories they read or draw pictures, or teachers can announce what books they will read for storytime. If students want to feel fancy, a media carousel could spin and display books, and they can show off how many stories they have read.

Cots and Nap Mats

Good nap time means happy toddlers and relieved teachers. Factory Direct Partners has many options for preschool kiddie cots and blankets, that provide comfort and safety during naptime. These cots are made of plastic and stackable, to make for easy storage when naptime is over. Plastic casters and cot corners raise the cots off the ground, to simulate a bed at home. A toddler can lie down with comfort, and wake up refreshed.

Nap mats are another option for when kids outgrow cots or want to lie closer to the ground. Factory Direct Partners has dozens of nap mat packs or single options available, as well as trolleys for convenient storage and cleanup.

Preschool Daycare Furniture on a Budget from School Outlet

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