Flash Furniture

School Outlet provides all sorts of furniture to accommodate your classroom and school needs. We are proud to be the number one purveyor in the United States for popular brands such as Virco, Eureka, and Flash Furniture. Classroom furniture is essential for all learning environments. This is why we take pride in providing a high-quality furniture supply. At School Outlet, academic spheres have the opportunity to enrich their classrooms to their maximum potential.

Scholar Craft in Various Heights

Flash Furniture designs chairs with various seat heights and adjustable height desks to serve your school throughout all grades. Potentially you could buy the same classroom desks for Pre-K and high school students.

If you homeschool your child, then the Rectangular Activity Table with Laminate Top could be the most fitting. You can adjust the legs as your child grows and their reading becomes more advanced. Our school desks come in a variety of colors such as grey, oak, red, and yellow to stimulate your students' brains. Add a pop of color to your classrooms to increase the neutral palettes.

Optimize Classroom Space

Too much school furniture can disrupt the classroom space. Student desks such as the Trapezoid Activity Table are very versatile and optimize space in classrooms. They can function as personal desks or collaborative desks due to its angled sides. The trapezoid activity table permits other students to sit at a suitable distance for group activity.

Open front desks are also a good option to optimize space in classrooms. The Flash Furniture Premium Steel is a chair desk that can fold up making it competent for storage. Do you have a more experimental classroom setting where you get students to engage by having group warm-ups? Then this desk is perfect. Quickly fold up the chair and set it aside, permitting room for activity.

We have many foldable desks including, the Padded Black Ergonomic Shell Chair which has a foldable tablet arm as well for easy accessibility. This desk comes in different colors. Take advantage of the left-handed version so you can comfortably seat all your students. We also provide plastic stackable school chairs so you can transport them easily into your next school assembly.

Teacher Desks & Lounge Furniture

Our Angle and Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table can also serve you as stand up desks for the option to have more mobility. About 93% of communication is nonverbal, so body language and posture will keep your students engaged while you teach. Flash Furnitures adjustable computer table can act as a combo desk. You can either set your laptop on the table to conduct presentations or set your presentation notes on it to keep your hands free.

Teachers work hard day and night. Academic dedication is why Flash Furniture Sofas was created so the faculty can sit back and relax in the teacher's lounge. Our Hercules Line comes in black leather so you wont have to worry about coffee stains. It has a decent height so you can keep books, boxes and more underneath to make the most out of your space.

We Want to Hear From You

School Outlet knows what sort of furniture will assist you in arranging a classroom. Flash Furniture has a history of providing the right size and shape in their chairs and desks.

Contact us if you have any questions about any other variety of desks, such as lift lid desks, or anything else you dont see on the above page. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you get the perfect furniture supply for your school.