The Art of Play

Jonti-Craft takes a serious approach to how children play, to focus on a lifetime of learning. When kids think, they often put new spins on ideas that grown-ups rarely consider and constantly surprise us. They say what needs to be said, and assemble toys in new ways. At School Outlet, we want to help kids surprise you more. We also want to encourage learning, both inside and out of the classroom.

The perfect furniture will accommodate for an imaginative mind and energetic games while making sure that children stay safe. Jonti-Craft is a family company, and they design each table, bookcase, and cubby as if their own family will use them. For that reason, we are happy to host them at School Outlet. Jonti-Craft also puts care and eco-friendly material in each of their products so that every piece of furniture reflects love. They are built to last.

Learning from Activities

School Outlet features a host of Jonti-craft activity tables. These allow kids to learn by playing. Sensory tables allow kids to test water and sand, coordinating their hands. They can pretend they are building castles on the beach or splashing in a lake. See-Thru Sensory Tables can teach about floating and sinking, with covered lids to reduce potential splashing. It also comes with large drains for easy cleanup.

Jonti-Craft also wants to encourage children to create possible futures. Building tables, especially the Creative Caddy Building Table, use Legos and storage bins to allow for fun, simple construction. A Lego city could bloom beneath their hands during the school day, and go in the bin before parents come for pick-up. Or kids could make colorful wizard castles if they wish to defend against invaders.

A Jonti-craft light table helps kids with their daily art; these tables use LEDs and bright surfaces to distribute light and make objects appear clearer. If teachers want to use light tables for science, kids can study fossils or seashells from the beach. A dinosaur can come to life when the lights go out, and so can ocean creatures. Or for students that like reading, a light box can make letters and pages gleam. Large light tables can allow a teacher to host bigger lessons when talking about art or dinosaurs. The Creative Caddy Light Table is easy to move for clean-up, and the lighted surface makes color mixing and painting easier.

If you want to focus on reading, a Jonti-Craft bookcase can provide plenty of space and fun for students. All of the bookcases come in various sizes, for all age groups. Teachers can move mobile bookcases easily for classroom events or make fun displays, and kids enjoy being tall enough to reach the top shelf.

Buy Your Jonti-Craft today

School Outlet is currently hosting a sale on Jonti-Craft products, allowing teachers and schools to get even more value out of them. We make ordering and shipping easy and are happy to provide customer service to find the perfect Jonti-Craft cubby, bookcase or table. Contact us to make your order today!