Jonti-Craft storage cubbies are some of the most popular classroom organizers on the market. These super simple and super fun storage units help teach your students the importance of staying clean and organized in all aspects of work and play.

These storage cubbies are

  • Compact enough to fit into any classroom
  • Colorful and fun so as to brighten up your learning space
  • Designed to be low enough to the ground to let students of any age use them
  • Easy to clean, store, and maintain
  • Resistant to warping from flooding and moisture damage

all while being affordable for school administrators who are on a budget.

Lets explore the details of some of these products.

Jonti-Craft Baltic Birch 25-Cubby Mobile Storage Unit with Clear Trays: The Perfect Unit For Keeping Big Classrooms Organized

When you have a super big classroom, you need a large 25-drawer storage cubbie that will have enough drawers for all of your students. This is where your students can keep books, projects, hats, small personal items, and more. One of the benefits of these clear trays is that they let you see whats inside the drawer. That minimizes time you might waste opening multiple drawers if you forget which cubbie is yours. This is a heavy duty unit made out of non-toxic laminate. You get to choose from a selection of backboard materials, but we recommend the standard, lightweight, super-strong pegboard.

10-Cubby Jonti-Craft Unit With Colorful Trays: A Fun Storage Solution For Any Preschool Or Kindergarten

Many preschool and kindergarten classrooms work with limited space. These small classrooms can get a little cluttered if youre not careful. Thats where a compact unit such as this 10-cubby Jonti-Craft storage unit comes into handy. This narrow unit fits snugly into any nook. Whats more, its fun and colorful to look at! Help your students stay organized by letting them pick a color for their drawer. Get imaginative with projects by letting students create and color name tags so that they know where they keep their spare clothes, books, supplies, toys and more. You get the option of choosing between colored trays and see-through trays, which offer a slightly different look, but let you see the contents of the drawer.

Jonti-Craft Mobile Storage Tower: A Creative Solution For Cluttered Classrooms

The cool thing about this 32-cubby storage tower by Jonti-Craft is that is mobile, and fun to use. Bring it around to the different stations in your kindergarten, and watch kids enjoy storing their blocks, coloring books, crayons, and other small items. This durable unit is light enough to move around to any room you need without breaking a sweat.

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