Preschool Lockers

Preschool lockers and coat racks can help the classroom look more organized. Having preschoolers store away their personal belongings can also teach them organizational skills and give them a certain independence, helping them in their own personal development and growth.

At School Outlet, we are dedicated to providing classroom furniture such as preschool lockers to help teachers run the classroom with fluency and organization. Our mission is to offer those in academia the tools in order for them to create learning environments that contribute positively towards students learning experiences. We believe that with the right classroom furniture you can give your students the best learning experience possible.

Explore our Preschool lockers below to find the right one for your classroom.

Preschool Cubbies

Preschool cubbies otherwise known as lockers, can facilitate learning, growth and development in youth. Students will be able to practice their organizational skills by storing away their school supplies, jackets and other personal belongings.

Teachers may enforce their students to return their supplies back to their cubbies when no longer in use in order to keep those materials in good condition, teaching children the importance of taking care of their belongings.

Our ready-to-assemble Young Time Wall Locker contains ten cubbies and can be mounted on the wall to optimize space in the classroom. The locker also has hooks so that students can hang their coats & jackets in a tidy manner.

Place lunch boxes, textbooks, notebooks, shoes, hats and more in our Young Time 5-Section Wall Locker. Each cubby has three sections with room and space to place shoes, coats and bags. You can assign a cubby for each student that way teachers can organize and keep a tab on what belongs to whom.

We also recommend looking at Jonti-Crafts Baltic Birch Paper Tray Cubby Unit with 24 Cubbies and Colorful Trays for those looking for cubbies for school supplies & materials. You can keep your students art work in each cubby so that they can return to it to keep working on it or you can store assignments, homework and any paper work on these trays to keep your students materials organized.

The beautiful thing about each of these cubbies is that they are made from elegant wood which will give your classroom a certain aesthetic value. Some of them come with colorful trays to stimulate your young students brains and keep the classroom setting looking fun & playful.

Preschool Furniture

At School Outlet, we pride ourselves in providing high quality classroom furniture and equipment in order for teachers and students to have a fruitful learning and teaching experience. We understand how essential it is to have the tools in order to make the classroom run smoothly. Thats why at School Outlet we are dedicated to providing only the best school furniture out there.

If you have any questions or have any difficulty finding a specific product contact us and our team will happily help you out.