Mahar Manufacturing

Mahar is one of School Outlet's best brands for preschool furniture. They make furniture for pupils in their early childhoods such as daycare furniture, student chairs, activity tables with wood designs, and so much more.

Furniture made especially for young children enriches their learning experience. By having school chairs and preschool tables that are meant for their average height, children gain the independence and freedom necessary to be functional individuals.

Preschool Classroom Chairs

Mahar Creative Colors Split Bucket Chair 14" Seat Height

Classroom chairs are essential in any learning environment. It enforces the student to settle down, sit and focus attentively. We have various color designs for our preschool classroom chairs that will aid in the stimulation of your students brains. You can mix and match our color set or group them according to the chairs color to set up teams for group activities.

Mahar Creative Colors Split Bucket Chair 12" Seat Height

This chair height is apt for younger students who are ranging in ages from 3-5. You can stack this chair easily in order to clear up some space for classroom activities. Younger students tend to get antsy so it is good to include activities that require them to move around at times, this chair is so lightweight that children can lift it up and stack it along with the rest of the chairs themselves.

Mahar Creative Colors Split Bucket Chair 16" Seat Height

This set of split bucket chairs is meant for students between ages 6-10. They are a little taller and wider than the previous Mahar products but have the same durability, quality, color options and provide the same comfort and stability. You can get them in the same color or mix and match them to have a more playful look in the classroom.

Mahar Rest Mats And More

Mahar Pillow Case Style Mat Sheet 26" x 54"

This Mahar Pillowcase will keep your mats clean. Since mats are kept on the floor for children to take naps on these can carry a lot of germs and bacteria. Keep your mats more sanitary with these cases for mats.

By keeping your mats clean and sanitary your students will be more comfortable and less at risk of getting sick. This cover is made from a cotton-poly blend with a wrinkle-free quality. By washing these cases regularly and wiping down your mats often you will secure the health of your students.

Mahar Wall Mount Hanging Mat Hanger

Preschools, daycares and elementary schools love this wall mount mat hanger. This mat hanger allows teachers to optimize their classroom space by hanging the sleeping mats up vertically. This way they dont accumulate dust from the floor and students can retrieve their own mats and hang them when they are done. Allowing your students to get their own sleeping mats and store them after they finish, helps them practice responsibility and independence which are essential for growth and maturity.

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