The NPS School Furniture Promise

National Public Seating School furniture combines the need to create sturdy, safe tables, chairs, and more for classrooms. The company also comes with a dedication to environmental safety. We want to learn from the pasts pea school fog days to create a healthier classroom for students. For that reason, all NPS furniture carries the MAS Certified Green stamp of approval.

Avoiding chemicals as much as possible is important for air quality in schools. You only want potentially noxious solvents in the science lab, sealed in flasks or used in the fume hood. The powder finishes used on NPS furniture contain no solvents and thus will not contaminate the air.

In addition, NPS uses at least 30% of non-corrugated waste in their products that contain plastic and steel. Their wood comes from non-boreal forests, which are biomes that can weather environmental changes. When you buy an NPS stack chair or table, you are setting an example to your students about sustainable industry methods. Usher your students into a new era of environmental awareness, and reduce your schools carbon footprint.

Our NPS Recommendations

The National Public Science Tables, as we have mentioned, are great for the basic and advanced classes for biology, chemistry, and physics. Choose your size for primary or secondary school, as well as the laminate type for wooden surfaces. You wont have to worry about frog dissections spilling guts and organs and leaving harsh stains. Adjust the table height as much as necessary to guarantee accurate measurements for chemistry titration and physics experiments.

When you have to adjust for varying class sizes, the National Public Seating Rectangular Lightweight Folding Tables will help with that part. Each table is lightweight but sturdy, ensuring that you can move them with ease and sit a large number of students at a time.

You can also use them in the outdoors for summer programs since the tables can withstand up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or in art class if the ceramics teacher has a potent kiln. Choose from four different sizes, depending on the number of students you teach and your age group.

Find Out More From School Outlet

School Outlet sells furniture brands that provide a good fit for the classroom. We want to ensure that your students and teachers will sit in comfort when the first bell rings so that they can learn. For that reason, we carry NPS, one of the high-quality school brands.

Reach out to us today to find out more. Our experts can make recommendations on what pieces will work well for your teachers, and how to make sure your kids get the ideal learning experience. Start the school year with sensible aesthetics, and useful furniture.