Metal Folding Chairs

One of the most important pieces of school furniture is a chair. Students, teachers, staff, office workers and others need chairs at any given point throughout the day. This means you need chairs that can be easily stored, pulled out at a moments notice and have features that make them durable, functional and comfortable.

Choosing A Metal Folding Chair Set

Browse our selections of metal folding chairs in our catalogue. You might want a chair that takes up less space, so a chair with a rounded back is a good option. If you want to go traditional, consider the NPS Vinyl Upholstered Premium Folding Chair (National Public Seating NPS-1200). It has vinyl upholstery on both the seat and the back.

You can always choose lighter chairs, ones with slotted backs to increase cooling efforts, seats with cushions and more. The NPS Airflex Series Premium Polypropylene Folding Chair has an Airflex design for ease. We recommend using this model when you have indoor or outdoor events.

Consider how youd like to store your chairs as well. You can use a special storage solution, an NPS dolly, with rollers to easily store your chairs and transport them where needed.

Benefits Of Heavy-Duty Metal Chairs

Versatile Use

Foldable metal chairs add to a schools flexibility. You can hold outdoor events in a way that benefits everyone. When the weather is nice, you can put chairs outside. If its particularly sunny, you can place the chairs in the shade. Shade can provide between 10 and 15 degrees of cooler temperature.

You can arrange metal chairs according to different needs. For instance, you can place them in a circle for meetings where different people need to participate or talk. You can place chairs in rows facing one direction for plays, ceremonies, demonstrations or speeches. You can place chairs around a room for people to sit during science fairs. create small groups or any other arrangement.

Arrange A Meeting In A Hurry

One of the best things about foldable chairs is that theyre readily available at a moments notice. You never have to be without adequate seating, regardless of the occasion. You can arrange for an impromptu meeting or get out extra chairs for other purposes.

There are times you need extra seats to accommodate extra people. For instance, you might need extra chairs for larger families during parent-teacher night or back to school events. You can have extra chairs during award ceremonies and graduations. This can be useful in a cafeteria where you put chairs at the end of tables and other areas to accommodate extra people.

Ergonomic Design

Despite their easy use and storage, foldable metal chairs are made with ergonomics in mind to provide comfort while sitting. The space from the floor, seating dimensions, curvature in the back of the chair, angle of the back of the chair and many other features make sitting an enjoyable experience in one of these chairs. This is ideal for those who have to sit for a few minutes or those who will be sitting for a few hours.


Keeping schools clean has always been of the utmost importance. This is especially true nowadays. Foldable metal chairs are easy to clean and sanitize. Due to their material, metal chairs are naturally antimicrobial. They are not porous, and this discourages bacteria, mold and other substances to grow. Germ removal can be easily remedied by spraying the chairs with disinfectant or other cleaning solutions.

Choose the Right Chairs for Your Needs From School Outlet

Visit the School Outlet for all of your school furniture needs. From plastic folding chairs to metal ones, we have a vast selection in our search catalogue. Our team also has the expertise to recommend different brands.

To find out more about folding tables and chairs that suit your classrooms or event areas, reach out to us today.