School Picnic Tables

In many schools, administrators consider picnic tables to be essential pieces of hygiene equipment. Even those who may not need them for these reasons can use them to divide up a room into several different parts, which can be useful for keeping students focused on a specific task.


Portable Outdoor Picnic Tables

Interior designers and engineers have joined together to come up with a wide variety of different types of movable wall partitions, so youll have plenty of options to pick from. Portable translucent models from Fuerza come in an assortment of colors, which gives you the freedom to match your partitions to any existing decor you have in your classroom.

You might even want to pick out a panel that features your schools own colors to help reinforce branding, color-coding a whole set of them if you prefer. A few schools have found pretty creative ways to incorporate these as well. For instance, you might want to think about putting in ones that match your school colors or, alternatively, that have the colors of different units within the school.

Durable yet portable options exist for those who need a commercial-grade room divider. Screenflex has historically been one of the best-known brands in this part of the industry, and they continue to expand their selection regularly.

Each of their heavy-duty dividers is designed to easily roll across parking lots and over thresholds. Theyve proven particularly attractive for those who have classrooms on the third and fourth floors of buildings because they can exit elevators quite well. Youll have the ability to move them from class to class without much difficulty.

Safety-minded school administrators may want to invest in Screenflexs fire-resistant line of Outdoor Picnic Tables. You can get large seven-panel versions, which are six feet high. These units can help section off welding and grinding areas for shop classes.

While this has made them a perennially favorite of those who operate trade schools, theyre also a great pick for vocational technology teachers. Theyre also a practical choice for anyone who has to give on-the-job training to new recruits who plan on working in this field.

Outdoor Picnic Tables, Portable Wall Dividers, Temporary Walls, And More

Youll find the best prices on portable Outdoor Picnic Tables at School Outlet. All you need to find the right piece for your classroom is a couple of measurements and your preferred type of material. Dimensions arent hard to take, so you shouldnt even find it too difficult to get the planning phase completed.

Some companies have made conventional fabric Outdoor Picnic Tables that are so neutral in terms of fashion that they could meet any style of decor. Thats made these come back into style in so many situations, which is great news for those who want to keep up with contemporary looks while staying timeless.

Safety is always important, but theres a good chance that people wont follow through on even the best advice if its considered too onerous. By keeping up with these trends and putting in pieces that probably wont ever go out of fashion, you can dramatically increase the rate of compliance because instructors and students wont look at these dividers as something clunky to be periodically rolled into place. Rather, theyll simply be seen as other pieces of furniture for use.

Considering the fact that whiteboard dividers are offered as well, you shouldnt have too much of an issue getting something that completely matches your needs and incorporates itself into the overall function of your classroom. Since youre free to write a note on any of them, theyre a great way to incorporate safety and partitioning structure into a classroom without looking like youre doing anything out of the ordinary.

There are even some options that should be a good idea for those who work in the secondary education market. These are often an ideal solution even for those who dont necessarily have to stock a traditional classroom but need dividers and furniture that are sturdy enough to hold up to all of their needs.

Other Necessary Features For Outdoor School Tables

Withstand Outdoor Elements

One of the things you most want in an outdoor picnic table is something that can withstand the elements in order to protect your investment and receive many years of use. An option like the UltraPlay 4′ Heavy-Duty Rectangular Outdoor Picnic Table can assist with that.

Many people underestimate the power of the suns rays, but it can cause outdoor furniture to fade. With the School Outlets tables, you dont have to worry about this. Several tables are coated four times with a thermoplastic coating. This helps to protect the table from the suns rays and helps each table to hold true to its original color. However, you also have the option of choosing a more classic-looking picnic table that also comes equipped with a protective coating.

Most of these tables also come with a perforated top and seating to help keep them dry after it rains, but this also helps to expediently speed up the cleaning process. In addition, you wont have to worry about large gusts of winds moving the tables. Spills and other accidents are easy to manage as well. You can help keep everyones lunch dry in the event someone knocks over their beverage at lunch.

Ergonomic And Safety Features

Each table is made with comfort in mind. Its important that children be able to concentrate during the day. The way they sit to eat and get out to play has a great deal to do with how well they focus in the classroom. Because each table is coated with a thermoplastic coating, you dont have to worry about kids sitting on an uncomfortable surface. Also, each table has seating that is firmly affixed. You wont have to worry about kids tipping, sitting too close or sitting too far away from the table.

Some tables have anti-tripping features to provide extra safety. Rounded corners help to keep kids safe. The thermoplastic coating helps to absorb impact in case a child falls or bumps against a table, which is important when children are running and playing outside.


It is of the utmost importance that all school furniture be durable. Each table is made with durable materials that give each table many years of use. Whether you want your table to be constructed of stainless steel, have strong bolts and brackets, a bolt-thru frame, or another durable feature, the School Outlet has the right table for your needs.

Hygienic Surfaces

Keeping everything clean in the classroom and outside of it is important. Each of the School Outlets tables has antimicrobial features due to each tables construction method and material. You can easily spray off each table and use an assortment of cleaning materials to keep them in ready-to-use condition.

Benefits Of Accessible Picnic Tables

Privacy is often a big concern in these situations, especially among those who have students engaged in activities that require some degree of secrecy. You can tell people not to look at each others papers, but how do you know what they really want? If this is a serious issue, then youll want to look into the possibility of using Outdoor Picnic Tables to space people out in a way that helps to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Instructors will sometimes split students up into groups and, at others, students might have to take advantage of existing classroom space to get something done. Regular class activities will still have to continue even in this situation, thus a room divider can help to improve relations.

They can help to separate those doing non-standard tasks, and in turn, these will ultimately smooth out any problems you might have been having. Students wont get distracted as easily when theyre clearly sectioned off from everyone else in the classroom, thus they might even be able to get more work done that they might have missed out on.

Its good to allow children to eat outside whenever possible. It helps them to get fresh air, get a change of scenery, help them to focus, and its a fun way to break up the day when the weather is nice. Before you choose the type of picnic tables you need for your school, consider your options with the information below.

Choosing The Right Table For Your Needs

You have a number of choices to choose the right tables for your needs. You can choose rectangular, square, and round tables. If you have a larger school, you might opt for rectangular tables. If you prefer to have tables around shady areas, round tables do nicely. You also have a large selection of colors to match your schools colors and outdoor design.

As to height dimensions, there are tables made for toddlers as well. Take a look at the many hygienic and durable picnic tables at the School Outlet. You can find a large assortment of another type of furniture for your schools needs as well.

Research Safe, Portable Partitions With School Outlet

At School Outlet, we invite you to deploy these in any situation where your rooms are larger than your current needs. Our company is dedicated to maintaining safety standards in institutional standards.

Contact our friendly customer service team online for help with your quote or order. We are happy to assist you with the right portable Outdoor Picnic Tables and other school furniture. No matter what kind of classroom youre running or how many students you might have in it, well be happy to help.