Portable Stages For Schools

Explore our selection of Portable Stages For Schools and select the one that best suits your institution to provide your students with a platform to graduate on, perform, and give public speeches. Our portable stages are easy to assemble and disassemble making them perfect for dynamic academic settings, transportation, and storage.

Portable Stages for School Auditoriums & Cafeterias

At School Outlet, we have been providing school furniture from the most revered designers and manufacturers since 2004, in order to supply teachers and students with the very best. Our mission is to create constructive learning environments through our furniture so that students can learn and focus on the classroom material instead of a wobbly table.

National Public Seating Portable Stage with Carpet

National Public Seating is known for their superior and durable quality, their timeless designs and durable design will assure you that you will be using their products for more than a lifetime.

This portable stage is ideal for moving on ceremonies due to its elegant carpet surface. The carpet will provide students with more safety and comfort as they slide out of their chairs and walk on the platform to receive their diplomas due to the tufted texture.

You can acquire this portable stage in four colors: emerald green, burgundy, gray, and navy. We recommend you choose the color that best goes with your school uniform or schools color in order to have a congruent theme throughout your institution.

National Public Seating Portable Stage Groups w/ Carpet Surface

This portable stage can be set up in groups. The advantage of getting a portable stage in groups is that you can assemble them in whichever shape you would like depending on what you are using the platform for.

Portable stages are convenient for:

  • Graduations & Moving on Ceremonies
  • Choir
  • Drama & Theatrical performances
  • School Assemblies
  • Speeches
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Dance Recitals

Lightweight Portable Stages at School Outlet

At School Outlet, it is an honor to be able to serve academia and support students in their learning journeys through our carefully curated selection of high-quality school furniture. It is our belief that with the appropriate classroom furniture and highly skilled teachers, students will be able to learn comfortably and fluidly contributing to their overall success in the classroom. This is why we believe our work to be important, we thank you for supporting us and for choosing School Outlet.

If you have any questions or comments dont hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are waiting to hear from you.