Risers For Schools

Every school needs a performance space for any occasion. So that students and teachers can stand comfortably, academia must invest in school risers. Risers are essential for moving on ceremonies, graduations, the choir, and more. Discover our wide array of risers for schools at School Outlet!

At School Outlet, we supply schools with furniture and equipment. With appropriate risers, art and music departments can create the learning environment of their dreams. Explore our choral risers, stage risers, and theater platforms below! Musicians and speakers can assert that these selections are safe for standing and sitting.

Our Top Recommended Risers

Which risers should fit your auditorium or practice room? Choose based on the quantity required for the student body. We have listed our favorite brands, products, and materials.

National Public Seating Portable Seated Riser Carpet Deck 3-Tier

Sing comfortably with this 3 Tier portable seated riser. Although it is typical for the choir group to be seated while singing, you can place chairs on this riser due to its wide surface.

Choir students can sit while they wait for the moment they have to sing. Alternatively, athletes and cheerleaders can hype the student body during pep rallies and game prep. The carpet will prevent students from slipping or falling and provide an elegant quality to the event. The 3 tier provides three different elevations so that every choir student can be seen from the audience.

AmTab Pie Shaped Riser Polypropylene Top

This pie-shaped riser allows you to arrange a circular set of risers when you place it in the middle. This kind of riser arrangement is ideal for large groups of choir students since it has a large weight capacity. You can also use this rider for graduations and assemble students side by side, and it will be the perfect platform for a class picture.

National Public Seating Transport Risers

Transport Risers are ideal for schools with dynamic classrooms, gymnasiums, and environments because they are easy to transport from the storage unit to the desired place. Transform any room into a choir room with National Public Seating Transport Risers.

AmTab Fixed Height Riser Set Carpet Top 3 Levels

If you dont want to bother getting individual risers and assembling them, this Riser set is just for you. This set comes with a pie-shaped riser so that you can form a circular shape with the riser. This feature allows sound to travel more efficiently, and the audience can see all chorus members perfectly.

Find Your Portable Risers at School Outlet

We understand that classroom furniture plays a crucial role in academia, which is why at School Outlet, we are honored to be able to provide the vessel in which learning takes place. Explore our selection of desks, chairs, and equipment and create a comfortable learning space for your students and staff members at the school.
Seated performers will always find comfort in risers and portable stages from School Outlet. View the sizes available, and determine what fits your students needs. If you have any questions or want to know more about our risers for schools, contact us, and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.