School Rocking Chairs

Virco school rocking chairs are a game-changer for students of all ages. A childs attention, focus, and eagerness to learn in the classroom make the difference between a child who does poorly in academics and one who excels.

Even though high academic standards improve learning, staying seated for hours can be challenging. This rigidity is why finding innovative ways to improve a childs education is essential. Appropriate furniture paired with stress and fidgeting tools can provide a positive environment.

Why Students Need Rocking Chairs For Healthy Movement

What are the benefits of a chair that promotes movement? Lets examine why many classrooms are switching to rocking chairs and why many teachers will never return to regular chairs again. Discover how a flexible motion can make a difference with fidgeting and extended school hours.


Hard seats can cause an issue for focus because they dont move and are uncomfortable. The problem with a chairs lack of movement creates a hard surface that does not flow naturally with the body. This fact is particularly true for younger kids who need regular motion.

When a child is free to move, they can focus on lessons rather than how uncomfortable a seat is. We recommend a chair like the Virco ZROCK13 Zuma 13″ Rocker. You get a stainless steel frame that supports consistent motion and stimming without any danger of the student falling.


Children have to spend more time sitting than they have in the past. Parents have options for movement in the workplace, but kids have been significantly inhibited in the classroom. Not only are we experiencing problems as a society due to this issue, but children are having a more challenging time in school from being unable to move around. Physical education programs receiving cuts have not helped with this dilemma.

Movement is needed for blood flow and essential for energy and brain activity. Beyond comfort, kids have excessive energy that needs a release in the standard amount of time. However, sitting too long creates issues as well.

Not only do kids need to get their wiggles out, but they need movement to maintain their energy throughout the day and to experience good health. A lack of exercise all day impedes learning. Rocking chairs help the learning process because it allows kids to move around safely.

Safety And Comfort

The Virco Zuma rocking chair provides a safe way to rock in a chair. Kids typically like to tip in their chairs, which isnt safe. This brand has created a reliable fail-safe; the Virco rocking chair has a stopper to prevent children from rocking too far in their seats.

A flexible ergonomic design of each rocking chair safely cradles children to allow them to move freely. Each rocking chair encourages straight posture as well. Children can sit firmly in their seats without leaning over as they rock.

Choosing the Right Rocking Chair For Your Classroom

You, too, can have rocking chairs that simultaneously produce a calming yet activating effect that promotes focus and happy children. You have a wide selection of rocking chairs. You have several shades of blue, green, black, yellow, red, and other colors. Choose a variety of colors to create a fun look for your classroom, or choose a color to match the rest of the decor.

Rockers encourage healthy movement from students. The black-padded cushion lends to the students comfort when they sit. In addition, you have a couple of models to choose from regarding rocking chairs. You can opt for the standard height with a Virco ANFLROCK15 Analogy Series Floor Rocker.

The Virco ANC2M15 Analogy Series C2M 4-Leg Chair can move back from side to side. Use the tubular steel frames for support and motion.

Give Your Students Ergonomic Support With School Outlet

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