Library Tables

In school, the library tables serve as more than furniture. They contribute to a communal space where students can learn new skills, find the knowledge that interests them, and grow. For that reason, School Outlet offers the best options for sale for teachers and educators.

Jonti Craft Wooden Library Tables

Jonti Craft is a well-known brand within the realm of furniture for academia. They have wooden library tables in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their reading tables are well suited for students in elementary school throughout high school. They are apt for reading rooms, tutoring halls, and SSL.

Wood library tables are not just for reading, they can be used for a variety of activities, for example, the ⅝ Square Baltic Birch Activity Table can be used as a computer table due to its square shape.

A study space is essential for students to accomplish their school work. The ⅝ Square Baltic Birch Activity Table promotes quiet studying because only one student can sit per table. If you are looking for a table where multiple students can sit at a time, we recommend looking into the ⅝ Rectangle Baltic Birch Activity Table which allows space for collaboration and teamwork.

All Jonti Craft library furniture is designed to create an optimum learning environment for students. Study carrels are known to be efficient during study time but some students learn better in a group setting whilst others prefer quiet and solitude in order to accomplish their homework.

ECR4Kids Library Study Tables

Early Childhood Resources also known as ECR4Kids has been a trusted brand amongst schools for many years. Their school furniture is designed specifically for kids, meaning the tables, chairs, desks and more are made so that kids can reach it. This develops childrens maturity and independence they need to be integral members of society.

ECR4Kids mission is to help create learning environments that are functional and fluid. Their Deluxe Hardwood 30 Round Table permits up to four students to sit at a time so that kids can learn to work with one another, practice the confidence they need to share their ideas freely and take up roles in which they teach other students, strengthening their knowledge of the coursework.

With the Deluxe Hardwood Rectangular Table you can sit up to six students and teachers can address them at the same time making the most out of classroom time. You can join multiple tables of the same dimension and create a larger table to sit your whole classroom and have them engage in educational class discussion.

When students face each other they are more likely to pay attention and feel inclined to do group work and assist each other. This enforces communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and persuasion and influencing skills.

All ECRkids tables can be used as a support for lounge seating. All library tables come with a laminated tabletop and are mostly composed of solid wood making them sturdy and durable. This heavy-duty table will endure all Crayola markings, food dyes, scrapes, and pencil marks.

Why We Need School Libraries

Kids first learn at school. In the classroom, teachers have to balance a structured curriculum with general interest and state requirements. Because of class sizes and expectations, students may show varying enthusiasm for the material. They learn differently, and that can affect their homework and exams.

In primary and secondary education, school librarians are important and have to wear many hats. Many have to teach, update the website, manage the books, and assist students in research for projects and assignments. They can give presentations to young kids, show videos, and teach them how to use the circulation system.

School libraries also reinforce that books are fun. The more a person reads, the more likely they will succeed in life. A child comes to associate learning with joy, and feel motivated to develop new skills beyond the need for a straight A. You want kids to mill around wooden tables after purchasing books from annual Scholastic fairs, or after author visits.

A library in school can add fun to learning, and tailor it for individual students. State-certified library media specialists will know how to organize the space and students minds. They can also lead programs such For this reason, a designated school library holds high importance.

Library Tables for Sale

The furniture on hand can make all the difference. In libraries, round tables allow students to look at each other in the eye and engage in discussion. Square and rectangular tables can designate space for students. Furniture that lasts also lends to a positive, nurturing atmosphere in a quiet area, so that students can feel only encouragement when they walk through the doors.

The right library table can also designate Quiet Zones, for reading and studying. A comfortable sitting space makes diving into the latest Percy Jackson novel or doing homework easier. Students can also relax at these tables until the homeroom bell rings, or wait for parents to pick them up in the late afternoon if the buses dont run near their neighborhoods.

School Outlet has high-quality library tables for sale, with Early Childhood Resources for Kids (ECR4Kids) as our manufacturer. They are built to last. We have solid oak, round and square options. Rounded corners ensure that kids will be safe as they scoot their chairs closer to the table.

Hardwood and Solid Oak Library Tables

Early Childhood Resources for Kids has released a Deluxe Hardwood Rectangular Table. This model is suited for students, small and rectangular. It shows off a polished, professional finish with an informal carving style that invites play and work. The wooden library tables come in various sizes, to adjust for different grades and ages. Right now this table is for sale at a good price and a perfect fit for your library.

School Outlet wants to provide you with high-grade furniture, from classrooms to labs and libraries, for students in every grade level. Contact us and we can even offer custom solutions.