School Stages

Holding events requires a lot of work, planning, and coordination. This means you need items that can help facilitate your endeavors easily and efficiently. You need something that will provide solutions to your foreseeable and unforeseeable problems. Portable stages create endless uses for a variety of venues and provide many other benefits. Lets take a look at their many uses.

Portable Stages & Risers for Your Next Performance

Let School Outlet help you enhance any musical and theatrical performance or speaking event with safe and durable portable stages and risers. Our goal is to provide school equipment that will last a long time. Host multiple events with our portable stages, and transport with minimal strain.

Find low prices on a variety of stages and risers by AmTab and National Public Seating. Versatility is our main priority. Browse portable stages, choral risers, portable stage packages, stage skirting, stage caddies, guardrails, stairs, and more by clicking on the images above.

Portable Stages for Schools

Portable stages are essential for any dynamic academic setting. They allow you to transform a room into a theater, allowing for spectacular performances or important announcements. At School Outlet, our portable stages are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them especially convenient for storing.

Do you have multiple special occasions? Portable stages are useful for the following:

  • Moving on Ceremonies
  • Graduations
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Choir
  • Speeches
  • School Assemblies
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Pep Rallies

National Public Seating Portable Stage Package w/ Carpet Surface

This portable stage system will allow you to provide a platform for your students to move on to ceremonies and graduations. It has a solid plywood core and stainless steel structure for durability. The carpet surface gives the mobile stage an elegant and attractive look, making it suitable for special events hosted at your school. Our carpet comes in a variety of four colors so that you can select the one that best suits your institution.


National Public Seating Transport Risers

Transport risers provide alternate heights so that all students can be visible from the audiences point of view. This kind of riser is ideal for choirs and graduation ceremonies. Students can align themselves on these staging decks for class pictures, performances, and musical ensembles.

National Public Seating Seated Risers

This riser has vast, ample surface space. Students can be seated on chairs at their graduation ceremony or stand for a choir performance. These risers are easy to set up, dismantle, transport and store. You can arrange them in minimal time. This is particularly convenient for dynamic school settings, for example, if your gym is also used for assemblies or ceremonies because you can transform the environment to your advantage.

Portable Steps For Stage Risers

AmTab Three Steps with Handrails

Portable steps are often necessary when purchasing stage risers. The risers are often too high for students to reach without a bit of leverage. Provide your students with this portable step with handrails so that they can safely ascend onto the stage. This step easily folds so that you can store it away as needed.

Benefits Of Portable Staging Decks

Location: Variety Of Venues

One of the best things about portable stages is that you can use them for just about any venue. Whether its for a graduation, spelling bee, or performance, a portable stage can be placed in any location to provide you with a raised platform to meet each venues needs.

The weather isnt always predictable, which makes a portable stage a wonderful thing to have. When the weather is nice, you can move a portable stage outside, and you can situate it anywhere needed. For instance, you can place it next to evergreen trees to help block the wind on a windy day. You can place a portable stage under shade in the event the day is particularly warm. If you incur storms and cold weather, you can simply take your portable stage indoors.

Location: Sun And Lighting

Another beautiful thing about a portable stage is that you can achieve your desired lighting. Consider using spotlighting for plays and performances, stringed lighting, and other types of lighting that can be used for award ceremonies to achieve the desired result. The natural lighting provided by the sun is a wonderful thing to enjoy too, in case you want to hold your venue outside during the day. You can set up a pergola and other shade-providing features as well.

Sound Projection

Raised platforms help to provide sound projection because sound waves are free to travel through the air without being inhibited by objects and people. This is great for plays, performances, award ceremonies and any other production that requires speaking or singing (without the use of speakers and other equipment). You can have students perform their speeches on a portable stage as well.

Easy Storage

Another wonderful aspect of a portable stage is that it can be folded up and stored away. Its ease of portability allows it to save on classroom space, and to add flexibility to a show. This can allow a cafeteria and other rooms more space to allow for other activities throughout the day.

Our store makes the browsing experience easier with our years of experience. You can choose them by width, length, height and decking features. Choose a small or large portable stage according to your needs. You can have a portable stage with carpet or hardboard.

Choose Your Portable Stage At School Outlet

You have a variety of portable stages to choose from with School Outlet. At School Outlet, we provide an array of school furniture so that you can equip your school with all the necessary materials to create an academic environment. Furniture plays a massive role in academia. We are honored to offer desks, chairs, and equipment so that students and teachers can have a positive learning experience.

Take a look at their portable stages to accommodate your needs. If you have any questions or comments about the best options for your next school event, dont hesitate to contact us. Our experts are waiting to hear from you and to prepare you for the next pep rally. School Outlet has several other items, like risers and seating, to choose from as well. They also have other school furniture to meet your needs.