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Classroom Stools

Sometimes classroom stools work better for high-bench environments. These are designed alternatively with or without backrests to work with science laboratories and material shop classes. In either case, classroom stools are efficient and light, making it easy to move around a vast learning space. The variable height option makes it possible for educators to set them to just the right level for use by students.

Stools for Classrooms & Science Labs

Several manufacturers have recently brought quality classroom stools to the education sector. Furniture companies will usually start by designing a single chair geared toward use in classrooms or science labs before they release it in several different sizes. Vircos high stools have a colorful plastic seat and a quality chrome frame. This basic design proved flexible enough that 18″, 24″, and 30″ chairs have all become available.

National Public Seating has taken a similar approach, with their famous heavy-duty steel stools in several sizes. These include 25"-32" and 32"-39″ high options, perhaps best known because they offer a backrest on them. This makes them more of a small chair, in a way, than stools. That's excellent news for educators who lead students who have to use their seats for a fair amount of time.

On the other hand, one of the significant benefits of this kind of seating is that it's easy to use. Pupils who are in classes that would benefit from being able to get up at any time would appreciate them. That's helping them to be rediscovered for a whole new era.

Applications Of Classroom Stools

You might have thought that high-seating stools were a thing of the past or even that they seem flat-out old-fashioned, but nothing can be further from the truth. These pieces of furniture are surprisingly durable, and they can hold up to students changing classes much better than many other dedicated pieces of furniture. Since they usually consist of minimal parts, they're also easy to move around. They may even be lighter than many other seats, although they'll usually remain quite sturdy.

An increased emphasis on STEM education and classes that offer maker-style lessons means that more people may be turning to classroom stools than they have in many years.

Classroom Stools For Secondary Schools

Keep in mind that these can work in various settings, so secondary school buyers and those who work for primary school organizations will be interested in them. You may see them more in the secondary market because high schools have a greater variety of music, shop, and science classes that call for them.

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