Teacher's Desks for Sale

At School Outlet, we are proud to offer items of furniture fit for a classroom. With teacher desks, we want to show how much we appreciate the educators in our lives. Browse polished wood and sturdy metal structures meant to last through dozens of semesters. Take advantage of lifetime warranties on certain desks.

    Why Teachers Always Need Desks

    Teachers, like many other valuable mentors, are professionals. They need a place to sit and do their work, when not walking around and displaying lectures on a whiteboard or projector. Grading papers is often laborious, especially when evaluating essays for writing quality. Teachers also want to store paper backups of lectures on hand in case the Internet or computers go down.

    You also have to factor in practical needs. A person also cannot stand all day, no matter their job. The effort puts a strain on the human body.

    Walking around a classroom, or going from room to room tires ones legs out, and teachers need a place to sit comfortably. Due to the workload, the lack of available school supplies, and an intense schedule, teachers also can eat at their desks when trying to balance the workday with basic nutrition.

    A desk is also a status symbol. Unlike a BMW or a Hermes Birkin bag, however, desks tell us that teachers are people and deserve a place to sit. Other people need constant reminders of that fact.

    While teachers may change classrooms, a desk is the one place where they can sit, work, and establish a presence. Students will respect them. So will administrators.

    Desks are really important. In one case, a Bronx principal tried to throw out her teachers desks and filing cabinets. She told them, Figure it out! when they understandably asked how they were going to grade papers and store appropriate documents. After a few days of teachers standing and scurrying, the desks were restored. A year later, the principal resigned under pressure.

    The lesson? Do not deprive a teacher of their desks. Respect the educators that pay out of pocket so their kids will get the books they need.

    The Modern Teacher Desk

    A good desk for the modern teacher will account for the changes in audiovisual education, provide room for academic papers, and organize cables for lights and computers. There will be enough space to organize and to declutter.

    If you want a durable double-pedestal for the school year, the Desk w/ 5 Drawers for Teacher's & Office by OFM may be a good choice. OFM provides a lifetime warranty on its desks, so replace whenever a natural disaster or time wears down on the structures. Steel legs and banding will reduce nicks from wayward pencils and writing implements. It also allows for easy assembly.

    When a single pedestal will do, the Virco 54 can suffice for smaller spaces. This traditional desk comes laminated, so you wont have to worry about ink or coffee stains. Use the drawers for important papers or hanging file folders, so that you can stay organized. Virco offers a ten-year warranty, which is more than half of a students school career. Take advantage of it, and use this desk when classroom space is scarce.

    Learn More From School Outlet

    At School Outlet, we believe in showing appreciation to our teachers. You can show the same appreciation to them. You only need the right furniture and school supplies. School Outlet has them, and the expertise to recommend the right models.

    Reach out to us today to learn more. Our experts will know what furniture will work for your classroom. School Outlet is always happy to help.

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