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Teachers Desks

Your sanity as a teacher depends on having an efficient and well organized place from which to teach. These teachers desks offer a practical and simple solution to all your needs, with drawers to store rosters, files, art supplies, textbooks, and other materials. The big laminated surface gives you the room you need to spread out materials either for you, or your students. Dont forget to get a quality whiteboard as well.

Pedestal Teacher Desks

When it comes to finding a quality desk, having one with strong support is of the utmost importance. Youll want to consider having a good amount of storage to hold items such as graded papers or materials for lesson planning.

Teachers Desk w/ Drawers, 29.50″ x 47.25″ by OFM Mesa Series

Office desks and teacher desks like this OFM Mesa series are efficient and convenient for organizing classroom material and keeping office supplies neat and tidy. This Mesa Series Features two locking drawers and a single center drawer to keep your exams, files, and papers safe and protected. Wide enough work surface to place a computer, writing materials, and scholar craft.

Single Pedestal Teacher Desks

From Virco, we offer three different styles of teachers desks. The single pedestal, double pedestal, and the double pedestal box/file desks which have a few key differences. Though similar in design, both of these styles have a central locking mechanism and a metal frame.

Combined with the high-pressure laminate top, which is available in four color options, and a black edge banding around the rounded edges, these styles are great for most classrooms.

A great selection amongst the single pedestal desks is the Virco 543 540 Series Teachers Desk. With several laminate top finishes and an overall compact, traditional feel to it, this is one of our most popular options.

Double Pedestal Teacher Desks

The main differences between these desks are the desktop size and the added pedestal of the double pedestal desk. This desk is a 30″x60″ versus the 30″x48″ desktop of the single pedestal desk. Depending on your space requirements and workspace needs, either can be a great option.

Our most popular choice for this style of teachers desk is the Virco 546 540 Series Teachers Desk, Double Pedestal. It features lockable storage and lots of working space with a 30″ x 60″ surface.

Double Pedestal Box/File Desk

The double pedestal box/file desk by Virco is a more modern and stylish version of the double pedestal desk. A laminate top available in four shades and the curved waterfall front adds to the appeal.

A built-in grommet keeps cords tidy for a more professional look and keeps desk space organized. Double box drawers and file drawers add extra storage space while the full-length panels along with the adjustable nylon slides lend stability on any floor surface.

If this sounds like an ideal desk type selection for you, we recommend the Virco 533060 Desk, Pedestal Desks Series, Double-Pedestal, Box/file. This heavy-duty desk is durable with a steel frame and features ample storage space with two file drawers and two larger box drawers beneath them.

Full Double Pedestal Desks

Educators who want a full-sized tabletop and more stability than they can get from other designs will certainly want to look into more complete double pedestal desks, which often provide extra drawers and other features you couldnt find in a smaller piece. Consider, for instance, the Regency Fusion desk series.

This line is offered in 6624 in., 6630 in. and 7224 in. sizes. Designers from the line have sought to provide a number of different tabletops to make the Regency Fusion appeal to as wide a potential clientele as possible.

Nevertheless, this isnt a one-size-fits-all solution that makes compromises. By taking advantage of the two pedestals that hold it up, the Fusion offers five separate drawer compartments for storage. Since theyre quite strong for the size, theyre able to hold a rather healthy amount of material.

At one point, this would have been perfect for everything from student papers to telephone directories. While this might still be something youd want to use these drawers for, theyre every bit as useful in todays extremely technical world. Teachers who have to store chargers, cords and all of the accessories needed for advanced tablet computers will find that the Regency Fusion offers a generous platform for them to put them all.

A few other features are built in, which help to separate these teachers desks from other double pedestal styles. Heavier materials, such as solid wood, have helped to differentiate them from the competition. In a few cases, the storage containers attached to these desks might actually outperform a dedicated piece of furniture.

Managers who are working on redoing an office may actually want to invest in a full-sized double pedestal desk as a way of replacing two different pieces of furniture with a single one. Specialty pieces are also available, which might be useful for those dealing with certain circumstances.

Special Teachers Desk Designs

As time marches forward, an increasingly large percentage of teachers are finding themselves having to incorporate a greater amount of tech in their classrooms. Eventually, they might start to think that their current furniture cant keep up. Furniture designers have taken note of these problems and done their best to address them by adding unique features to teachers desks. Everything from special laminates to unusual shapes have been added in order to keep this furniture relevant over the years.

On the other hand, those who prefer traditional teachers desks wont feel left out at all. It seems that, in many industries, as features have been added theyve taken away other choices. Fortunately, purveyors of education market furniture have done their best to keep those that please teachers the most. Thats why you could still find one with little fold out tablets and writing surfaces if you need them.

On the other hand, theres no reason you wont be able to find a teachers desk that incorporates everything a modern technical educator requires. You might even want to look over some designs that provide aspects of both. By mixing the best of old and new, furniture designers have come up with some really sophisticated pieces of artwork.

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