Wall-Mount Markerboard Options

Please view our selection of dry-erase boards that you can use in any classroom. We have options that fit any budget, depending on your cost and student body requirements.

Our standard Dry Erase Boards from Mooreco and Fuerza have porcelain steel whiteboards with magnetic surfaces. Permanent steel lamination guarantees durability, while you can write with minimal light distortion and no ghost marks from dry-erase markers.

Framed Vs. Unframed Boards

Wall-mounted dry-erase marker boards come in two main varieties: framed and unframed. The main difference between the two is that framed boards have a decorative casing around the dry-erase surface, while unframed boards are just white sheet of dry erase material attached to a wall.

The Elemental Unframed Magnetic Markerboard is one example of a board that lacks this trimming. While the backing has aluminum, the surface has a porcelain and steel alloy. Teachers can mount it anywhere, using self-adhesives, and roll it up for portability.

In contrast, the Mooreco Ultra Trim Frame Magnetic Markerboard modernizes any classroom with its steel trim. It can last up to fifty years, and will save on expenses for administrations on a budget, complete with durable MDF backing.

Pros And Cons Of Framed Or Unframed Boards

There are pros and cons to both types of markerboards. Framed boards can be more attractive and may fit better with the classroom dcor, but theyre also more expensive than unframed boards. Unframed boards are less expensive, but they can look a bit less polished and professional. Additionally, framed boards can be more susceptible to damage if they dont receive constant maintenance.

Why Choose A Wall-Mounted Board Over A Portable Board

There are a few reasons why a wall-mounted dry erase markerboard may be a better choice for teachers than a portable one. For starters, wall-mounted boards tend to be larger in size, which can be helpful when trying to get ideas across to a large class. Theyre also typically more durable and less susceptible to damage than portable boards.

Additionally, wall-mounted boards can be integrated into the classrooms dcor more easily, providing a more polished and professional look. Some options allow students and teachers to present PowerPoints and videos with ease.

Trust School Outlets Customer Service To Find Your Ideal Dry-Erase Board

School Outlet is more than ready to help you find the exact dry-erase board that can help with lesson plans and presentations. With changing educational needs, our experts stay on top of the latest technological trends.

To find out more about our board options, please reach out to us today. Determine your ideal size and surface. Let School Outlet determine if a wooden or metal trim suits your classroom better.