Whiteboard Dividers

Every teacher needs furniture and items in their classroom that simultaneously provide functionality while also offering flexibility. Depending on class size, teachers have to be able to meet different circumstances: students learn at different paces, arriving late or absent, and there are days you need a backup plan. Lets take a look at what the School Outlets whiteboard dividers offer and why you need one or two in your classroom.

Important Features For Whiteboard Room Dividers


Anytime you order something for the classroom, it has to be durable. It needs to have durable features and be easy to clean. Furniture and other items in the classroom are repetitively used by the teacher and students.

With a whiteboard, you want to know that it isnt going to be easily dented. Your whiteboard needs to be able to prevent stains. It needs to have strong corners that cant be easily damaged.

Easy Cleaning Surface

A number of people in the classroom constantly come into contact with the classrooms furniture and other items. Particles fly through the air and can attach themselves to different structures. Being able to clean your whiteboard easily so that it remains hygienic is the ideal solution. Options like the Screenflex CRDW1 are nonporous, stain-free and are easy to clean.

Whiteboard Walls On Both Sides

In the instance you want to divide up the classroom, you can do so with a whiteboard divider. You can supply two separate sets of instructions and work for two groups of students within your classroom. This is great if you want students to work in groups or otherwise provide a flexible schedule in your classroom that requires dividing students.

Lets say you have two parts to an assignment and dont want to erase the first part, you can easily flip the whiteboard around to move onto the next assignment. If you choose a whiteboard with three sections like the Screenflex CRDW3, you can use this type of divider to demonstrate the steps of the scientific process, list a number of things for different assignments or customize them in a variety of other ways.

Privacy During Testing

There will be times you will need to test students separately or provide makeup exams for certain students. Having a whiteboard to help keep students separated helps them to focus on their tests while your other students do another activity. This is a great option for state testing requirements as well since students can be absent or have other commitments that might cause them to miss certain tests. Having the ability to allow students to make up testing while your other students participate in another activity can save you time.

Helping Students Who Get Distracted

Sometimes, students need extra help in staying focused. There are a number of conditions that can cause students to become distracted. Having a divider that can block off students who may become distracted gives them a quieter area that is free of distraction. Having a quiet setting can help a student who needs extra privacy to focus on their work.

Easy Maneuverability

Another function you want your whiteboard to have is easy maneuverability. Keeping in line with flexibility, you never know where you need a whiteboard. Having wheels on the bottom of your whiteboard allows you to place it against the wall, in the middle of the classroom, in the back, on the side or anywhere else. If you choose to have a 3-partitioned whiteboard, you can adjust its arrangement to meet your needs.

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School Outlet has the whiteboard divider you need for your classroom. You might want to consider other types of room dividers as well when delegating writing surfaces.

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