Brondell O2+ Horizon Air Filter Replacement

Brondell O2+ Horizon Air Filter Replacement

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  • Model#: AIR-PHZF-21

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Keep the fresh air flowing. Reduce dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, smoke particulates and more. The Horizon Filter Replacement traps 98.45% of airborne particulates larger than 0.3 microns in size and installs with ease.

Product Features

  • Four-layer HEPA-type filtration
  • Reduces Common Irritants
  • Replace every 4-6 months
  • Pre-filter reduces large airborne particles
  • Wwoven core traps 98.45% of particulates sized 0.3 microns, including smoke particulates
  • Granulated carbon filter reduces odors, gases, VOCs, and formaldehyde
  • Cold catalyst filter further reduces VOCs and other gases
  • Removes contaminants like pollen, dander and dust
  • Captures 98.45% of smoke particulates

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model # AIR-PHZF-21