Mooreco Visionary Hierarchy Colors Markerboards - 47.24"W x 35.43"H (Mooreco 83844-XX)

The markerboards can spruce up the sessions and improve the ambiance. They hit the nail on the head for a tangible contribution to the teaching environment.

Mooreco Visionary Hierarchy Colors Markerboards - 47.24"W x 35.43"H (Mooreco 83844-XX)

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  • Model#: MOR-83844-XX

  • 50-year manufacturer limited warranty

  • Assembly Required

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SCS Certified

This product contains verified recycled content to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and minimize the extraction of raw materials from the earth.

Product Details

Modernize your space with a functional and contemporary image. Visionary magnetic glass boards provide the best of a quality whiteboard with smart style. Tempered safety glass ideal for use in any environment. Simple and sturdy mounting devices are padded to protect surface.

Product Features

  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase marker, grease pen, etc.
  • Easily cleans without ghosting or staining.
  • Attractive stainless steel mounting standoffs.
  • Includes stainless steel mounting devicess, aluminum accessory tray, set of rare earth magnets, and eraser cloth.

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Benefits of a Mooreco Visionary Hierarchy Colors Markerboards

These sleek glass markerboards are versatile for various applications like classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and more. You can use the magnetic surface of the boards to display charts, notes, and paperwork. They come in different sizes that you can select according to the space of your class. Vibrant color options energize any workspace to improve engagement, focus, and collaboration. Your students will love brainstorming on these dynamic boards! For longevity, the markerboards are crafted from durable tempered safety glass and sturdy steel mounting standoffs for stability. They are designed to withstand daily use for years while maintaining their pristine appearance. Here are some of the benefits these boards bring to your classroom. 

  • Versatile Use

    These versatile boards have many applications for your classroom. The tempered glass material provides a high-quality dry-erase surface. You can use a grease pen or any temporary marker to write on it. The magnetic surface lets you display charts, notes, photos, and paperwork. They are available in a range of sizes from 4”x3” up to 8”x4”.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    The vivid color options for the markerboards are perfect for boosting student engagement. You can get them in multiple sizes with different accessories that allow students to use them for collaboration. You can write down ideas and show a presentation or a project together. They promote student participation, improve focus, and promote active brainstorming and teamwork.

  • Customization Options

    Mooreco Visionary Markerboards offers ample customization opportunities to match any space. They come in various size options ranging from 4”x3” up to 8”x4” to fit small and large spaces. The vibrant color options allow you to select the perfect hue to coordinate with your aesthetic. Accessories like the tempered glass tray and brass mounts provide further options for personalization.

  • Durable Construction

    The tempered glass surface provides superior strength and shatter resistance compared to standard boards. The sturdy steel mounting standoffs firmly secure the boards to the wall for a stable surface. The included mounting hardware is designed for a reliable and sturdy installation. Together, these high-quality components help the markerboards maintain integrity with daily use in busy educational settings. 

  • Easy Maintenance

    The markerboards have durable, easy-to-clean tempered safety glass. Unlike traditional whiteboards, the tempered glass surface prevents stains, ghosting, and buildup from dry-erase markers. It keeps the vibrant colors looking bright and clean. The included eraser cloth allows for quick and easy cleaning when needed. Just a simple wipe-down maintains the boards’ optimal appearance.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The eco-friendly markerboards are SCS-certified, which means they use recycled content, reducing raw materials. They are also built to last for many years of use. Their durability and stain-resistant surface avoid the need for replacement boards, further reducing waste. When the time comes for disposal, the steel and glass materials can be recycled again. 


Product Specs


assembly Assembly Required surface type Magnetic Glass Board
warranty 50-year manufacturer limited warranty weight 42 lbs
model # MOR-83844-XX


height 35.4 in width 47.2 in

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The markerboard requires assembly before installation. Carefully follow the included instructions for the best installation results. Select a wall location that is smooth, dry, and sturdy without hollow spots. It provides the best surface for securing the steel mounting standoffs. Take care not to bump or scratch the glass during installation. Level the board properly for a clean aesthetic look. 

The main surface is made from tempered glass, and the mounts and attachments are steel and aluminum. They avoid using products like wood that can lead to deforestation. The glass and metal components can also be fully recycled again at the end of their life. The board comes with SCS certification, meaning it uses recycled content that helps reduce waste and over-mining. 

These markerboards are more durable and perform better than traditional whiteboards. The tempered glass can withstand heavy use and cleaning without cracking or warping. The glass surface is resistant to staining and ghosting. It maintains optimal visibility even with heavy use. The included tray and mounts are also durable steel and aluminum.

Yes, they can be! The glass surface is compatible with all dry-erase, wet-erase, and permanent markers. You can even use a grease pen on these boards. The included eraser cloth allows easy cleaning and removal of any dry-erase ink. The boards’ stain-resistant surface will maintain their vibrant appearance with routine cleaning.