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4 School Desk and School Chair Options for a Modern Classroom Look4 School Desk and School Chair Options for a Modern Classroom Look

Are you looking for new ways to inspire learning and collaboration in your school’s classrooms? If so, then perhaps it’s time to turn your attention towards aesthetics and focus on replacing traditional desks and chairs in your school with furniture that is more modern and stimulating.

School Outlet supplies a large selection of high quality, long-lasting, and comfortable desks and chairs designed specifically for school environments. Our product selection includes desks and chairs every grade level, including: pre-school, K through 12, and university.

Check out 4 of School Outlet’s top modern classroom furniture pieces here:

1. Best-Rite Economy Shapes Modular Lounge Seat and Set

Available for independent purchase or in sets of 5, Best Rite’s modular lounge seats are an awesome, modern furniture choice for any grade level. When bought in sets of 5, the cushions can easily be configured to create 1 large seating area or 5 individual seats. These cushions can be a wonderful way to promote classroom collaboration or independent study. Plus, they’re comfy and easy to move.

2. Stand-Up Desks

Your students might not love you very much for making this particular furniture choice; however, with a number of studies recently released saying that sitting all day is killing us, stand-up desks are certainly an innovative furniture selection for the classroom.

To keep up with the times and promote movement in the classroom, consider installing stand-up desks in your school’s classrooms.

3. Virco 3400 Combo Desk

If you’re looking to transform your school’s boring classrooms into modern marvels, then you can’t miss this chance to check out Virco’s 3400 Combo Desks. These desks are sleek and simply ooze modernity.

Available in a multitude of seat colors and desktop materials, Virco’s 3400 Combo Desks are the perfect addition for any recently updated classroom. Moreover, the installation of these desks can instantaneously boost the modern appearance of any room.

4. Virco Zuma Series School Chairs

Manufactured in a large selection of colors, sizes, and styles, Virco’s Zuma Series of school chairs are extremely stylish, which makes them the perfect modern accessory for any school classroom or environment. Peruse School Outlet’s product selection of Zuma chairs on our website today.

Shop School Outlet For Modern School Furniture

Update the appearance of your school’s classrooms today when you shop School Outlet’s large assortment of unique and classic furniture products. Our store supplies Virco’s entire line of Virco school chairs and desks, so be sure to check out all of the stylish designs we currently have available.

Reach out to School Outlet’s team with any questions, comments, or concerns by calling us at 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.