School Hygiene Equipment

As students return to school in the midst of a pandemic, taking the necessary precautions is extremely important in order to avoid the spread of COVID. At School Outlet, we want to support you during these very stressful times by providing you and your students with the necessary equipment so that they can feel safe as they study and learn in school.

Explore our school hygiene equipment below to assure the safety of your students and teachers. Weve put together the best collection that we could find so that you can be sure that all of your students will be as safe as possible, all things considered. School Outlet has a number of other pieces as well, which can be used in concert with these to promote an overall feeling of hygiene as well as compliance with any relevant state or local regulations regarding necessary protective equipment.

Sneeze Guard For Desks

When desks are close together, they need to have some sort of physical barrier in place in order to reduce the risk of transmission as the result of airborne particles. A simple sneeze or cough can send countless little bits of moisture into the air, which makes this kind of a guard that much more important.

Those who plan on installing these may want to invest in more spacious classroom desks if at all possible as well, which should prove easier to protect. Take a look at the following sneeze guards and keep the dimensions of the desks youre currently using in mind as you do.

Portable Student Desk Sneeze Guard, Germ Protection 4 Foldable Panels

Protect your students from COVID-19, the flu, and any other disease with this portable sneeze guard. Students will be able to fold the sneeze guard and take it with them to class to prevent any diseases from spreading.

You can easily attach it to your students desks and disassemble it for cleaning. These can be moved afterward if necessary, which makes them an ideal choice for those who need to regularly keep a somewhat rearranged classroom safer.

Pacesetter SG3092 Foldable Portable Tabletop PETG Clear Barrier

This clear barrier will allow students to attend class while protecting themselves and others from the virus. The clear barrier acts as a sneeze guard, so that in case somebody coughs or sneezes, the germs will remain within the vicinity of the students desk.

Equip your classrooms and desks with sneeze guards in order to guarantee a risk-free environment. Theyre relatively easy to install, which helps to reduce the chances of anyone going out of their way not to use them because of any difficulties related to their deployment.

3 Panel Sneeze Guard Foldable Shield, Easy Carry

This foldable shield features 3 panels so that your students can be protected from a sneeze from all sides. This shield is easy to carry in case your students need to change classrooms between courses or if you need to clean it.

The shields are extremely light, but this doesnt necessarily make them any less effective than any of these other options. Theyre probably the best choice if you need something to move around all day.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Sanitizer is usually stored in a device that drops out small quantities of it whenever someone activates said device. These are remarkably simple to use and they can be utilized by even the youngest of students. That makes them suitable for pretty much any level of education, especially if theres some possibility that students will come into physical contact with one another on a regular basis. Youll want to position these in almost any are where such contact would occur.

Diversified Modern Series Hand Sanitizer Unit (Stand & Dispenser)

By placing a hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom door you can assure a more sanitized environment. Students will be able to kill any germs that may be laying on the surface of the skin and go into each class with clean hands.

Avoid the spread of germs with our hand sanitizer dispensers. In general, these should be placed right where students and faculty would come into or leave a classroom in order to ensure that theyre regularly used.

Hand Sanitizer Station, Non-Touch Single-Sided

This non-touch hand sanitizer station can detect when hands are placed below it. Then the station can automatically and prevent germs from spreading on the device itself.

Explore our wide selection of hand sanitizers in order to refill your dispensers and hand sanitizer stations. Youll want to keep a large amount of refill material on hand at any time, just in case you run out unexpectedly.

School Safety Signs

These social distancing signs will help students remember the importance of standing six feet apart as well as dictate where students should stand when waiting in line for the bathroom or in the cafeteria. These are easy to place and normally wont be misunderstood, which should help to limit the amount of confusion surrounding them.

Home Hygiene Equipment School Safety Signs School Face Mask Required

This sign can be applied on a wall, door, or window to remind students and faculty that face masks are required and social distancing is necessary while on school premises. Schools that operate within certain jurisdictions might be required to have these mandates in place, and those that do may, in turn, be required to have signs that are somewhat similar to these. Check local codes to ensure compliance with any such rules.

Wash Your Hands Poster

This Wash Your Hands Bubbles School Bathroom Sign can be placed in the bathroom so that students, staff, teachers, and parents can remember to wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom. These are somewhat similar to the ones found in many places that deal with serving food to people.

Since hand washing is so vital, its highly likely that even places without any special restrictions related to the pandemic would post these. Like other types of signage, there are some areas that actually require their usage, so you may want to check into that.

Prepare For Back-To-School Cleaning And Disinfection During COVID With School Outlet

At School Outlet, we are dedicated to providing you with classroom furniture for learning to take place. Since the pandemic a lot of things have changed, we want to let you know that were here to support you and want to help stop the spread of germs and diseases.

We hope that with our selection of hygiene equipment students can feel comfortable and safe while learning in school. If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact us.